Darkness Falling (along with my interest)

I love me a good apocalyptic story.  You know the ones where the shit hits the fan and the people who have to band together and survive find reserves of strength, courage and love they never thought possible?  I was hoping Darkness Falling would be one of these.  Another “thumbs up” that I could put on the shelf along with Califia’s Daughters, The Stand and The Passage.  I kept with the book until the end because I wanted to see where it went but once I finished it I knew that I was not going to be forking out the money to buy the rest in the series.  (Allow me to confess that the cover was part of my buying decision – one of those cases where you can’t trust a cover to satisfy your story needs.)

The story is scattered – there were times I read a paragraph wondering if I read the same page twice by mistake only to realize by flipping back that the characters were just repeating themselves.  There were other times where scenes just didn’t make sense and I found my mind often saying things like: Wait, I thought he was upset because he didn’t have the key to the bus because the others guys have it but now he does have it?  Did I miss a scene?  For me, if I am constantly flipping back to see if I missed a scene because the story feels like it is skipping forward rather than flowing ahead nicely, then I get tired.  When I get tired of a story, I stop caring.  And that’s what I did – I just stopped caring.  Which is too bad because I did care for most of the characters in this book.  (Except for the females of the story.  I became quickly annoyed with the stereotypes of the women characters; they were always staying behind looking after the little girl while the men went to go check on things.  Turned me right off.)

As I said, the concept originally caught my interest; a mysterious disappearance of most of the world’s population who suddenly reappear changed and freaky and the poor souls left behind who are now having to deal with these freaks.  Not bad right?  But then as the story went on that initial concept ended up tiring me out.  These groups of changed people wear sunglasses and gloves and do weird things to you if they catch you (see!  I can’t even do the description justice as I just don’t care!).  You can read a better description here.

But I wanted to care, I really did, if only for a few of the characters that seemed real and honest (Rick and Ronnie) and it isn’t an awful book as it does have some moments (the emotions between the characters in some of the more stressful moments in the book felt real to me).  Another downfall?  The character of the little girl.  She felt….too convenient.  I started getting this sneaking suspicion that she only existed in the story to help justify the weirdness going on in it (she has some sort of telepathy or visions you see).

Sigh, now I am fighting with myself.  I know at the beginning of the post I said I wouldn’t buy the second book but part of me thinks it might get better; that it could change and be the book I want it to be.  I don’t know.  I will keep you posted.

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