It’s all in the words

I used to be adamant that I finish every book that I start but not anymore.  Sometimes a book is just too awful to read and I could be putting my time to better things.  As I get older and my time more precious, it doesn’t take too much to make me want to give up on reading a story.  It could be unrealistic characters, crappy dialogue or scattered stories.

I just started reading The Watchers by Jon Steele.  I am on chapter 5 and about two days ago, what started off as a great story has the potential of losing me all due to one sentence uttered by the female character Katherine.  Katherine is getting ready and as she finishes putting herself together she looks in the mirror and says:

“Go get ’em, tiger.”

Go get ’em tiger?  Do you say that to yourself in the mirror?  Does any woman say that to herself in the mirror?  If you are a woman who says that to herself in the mirror I will mail you my copy of The Watchers for your enjoyment.  This type of dialogue bugs me – it feels dated, unoriginal and just plain lazy to me.  This one sentence is usually uttered in soap operas or the movie of the week.  I guess the other thing that bugs me is that it is uttered by the female character who so far, is the weakest character out of the 3 main ones (the other 2 are males).

The story is interesting still to me though and I will continue to read it, but I gotta be honest, it is on shaky ground with me right now.  I’ve been reading my whole life, I know what works for me and what doesn’t and I realize that enjoyment of something is subjective so of course I don’t expect every book to be written a certain way – but the book snob in me wants real dialogue.  Not go get ’em tigers.

Go get ’em tiger


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  1. “Go get ’em tiger”… oh dear, that made me cringe when I read that! And the photo made me laugh!! I agree with you, I think that line would make me reconsider finishing that book too. Your writing style is so witty at times 🙂

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