Heaven’s Shadow – a story about aliens and stuff

I don’t read too much sci-fi.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s that sometimes it is just way over my head.  The list of sci-fi books that I have read is very small and I am open to reading more I just don’t know how to pick them.  I have been reading fantasy and literature for years and years so I know what I’m looking for, but sci-fi?  It’s like wine.  I don’t know a lot about different types of wine, only that I enjoy drinking it.

The other thing with sci-fi that I’ve read in the past is that most of the stories haven’t held me in my spot, riveted and intense, like a good drama or fantasy.  Except for Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow.  Both those stories had me puking by the end I was so overcome with emotions.  No sci-fi has affected me so deeply since then (and can you believe I only read those books a couple of years ago?).

Which brings me to Heaven’s Shadow written by David Goyer and Michael Cassutt.


Did not affect me deeply, but hey, I still enjoyed it.

Heaven’s Shadow is a fast romp in the hay.  It’s fun, frisky, has some tender moments and overall is an energetic ride.

Set not too far into the future it follows two competing space teams who blast off into space and land on what appears to be a huge asteroid type rock heading to earth.  They land on the surface only to discover that it is actually a space ship.  Thus begins the exploration of an alien world and anything weird and wrong that could happen, does.  Oh, and there is a big, kumbaya moment at the end where almost every main character in the book gets beamed up to the alien space ship, together, forever.  So romantic.  What’s especially funny about that scene is once all the people who were beamed up realize where they are they are so relaxed and casual and all like “so, what’s for dinner?”  No one was freaking out!!!  I would be!!!  And is beamed even the right word to be using?!

There are no revelations or concepts in this story that blew me away.  The characters were fine but pretty one dimensional and the idea of aliens heading towards earth (are they good? bad? oooh…who knows!), though done a thousand times was written well enough to keep my interest.  While I enjoyed the read it did lack some heart.  I’ve always thought that the reason authors choose to write about space is because the idea of space and what’s out there has them so mesmerized.  They are like wide-eyed children when it comes to galaxies and planets and star systems that they are compelled by their passion to write these awesome science fiction stories, pouring their hearts right out on the pages.  But Heaven’s Shadow didn’t really have any heart for me and lacked in passion.  It felt like it wanted to be a movie, and not a book.  After I was done I turned to the back of the book and learned that the two authors are screenwriters and scriptwriters.  So there you go.  Enough said.

If you like sci-fi books that read exactly like a movie then turn down the lights, get some popcorn and settle in for this nicely paced read.  It’s entertaining, energetic, and not filled with overly complicated emotions.

But it’s nothing to phone home about.

My rating:


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