How I opened a wormhole simply by reading

I can tell you how to use a book to open a wormhole, but I can’t describe what it will be like.  Every experience is unique to the person experiencing it.  In fact, I can’t even promise that you will remember seeing the wormhole open because I sure didn’t.  All I remember is that I had found a shortcut from point A to point B in seconds.

I’ve perfected the art of opening wormholes over the years.  You need to be focused and committed or else it won’t work.  For this particular step-by-step process I will be focusing on books so if you are going to open a wormhole through this method then you need to enjoy reading.  If you don’t like reading you will have to find another way.  Perhaps meditation is the key for you or watching a movie.  Maybe drawing?  Scratching your fingernails on a blackboard to the sweet vocal styling of Carly Rae Jepson?

Whatever your method, the art of opening wormholes is one that takes practice and an open mind.

Let me get you started.

  1. Pick a book to read.  It needs to be a book that will interest you.  A topic you love, literature, fantasy, biography, whatever. (Don’t use Do It Yourself books until you’re really experienced; you’ll only end up with a new shelf unit that kinda, sorta looks like the one you saw in IKEA.)
  2. Get a blanket, some food and something to drink.  My drink of choice is a nice glass of red wine, but anything will do really.  This is important though, once that wormhole opens, you won’t have time to go back and get some refreshments and that blanket will keep you nice and warm.  Traveling through wormholes can get cold.
  3. Find an area of your home that is private and that you are most comfortable in.  Comfort and privacy are key.  You can’t focus if your cat is jumping on your lap demanding you feed him for the hundredth time that day.  Place the food and drinks around you where they are easy to reach.  You don’t want that hand of yours losing the page you’re on while you are reaching for that last chocolate almond thereby closing the wormhole instantly.  Nothing worse than being blasted right back to the present just as Princess Buttercup finally figures out that Prince Humperdinck is…well…a dink.
  4. Okay, ready?  Open the book.
  5. Read.

Well holy crap there friend!  Welcome back!  How did it go?

You see, once you start reading that wormhole is going to open up so fast you won’t be able to resist the gravitational pull of its force.  Depending on what you are reading you might be flown off to another planet where a whole new race of beings awaits their messiah or you might find yourself in a dark, dystopian future of earth.  You could  be a witness to Abraham Lincoln’s rise to power (or where he’s simply kicking some vampire ass).  You may wonder how the hell you got yourself mixed up with likes of Christian Grey as he really isn’t your type after all and maybe, just maybe you’ll walk right into the Shire where you will immediately drop to your knees in a weeping mess grateful that it does exist.

You get my point I’m sure.  You see a book isn’t just something to read.  It’s a gate, a door way to worlds we sometimes can’t imagine.  Or maybe we can, we just want to take a peek into someone else’s imagination.  It’s a bridge to potential.  A window to unlimited possibilities.

A book is quantum physics itself.

As I mentioned before, books are only one way to open those wormholes.  I’ve had other friends discover their wormholes through the paintings they’ve painted or the songs they’ve sung.  Imagination my friend, it is the doorway to creativity and creativity is the wormhole to everything.

Don’t believe me?  Well, I have the perfect book for you to read.  The Neverending Story…ever hear of it?  Michael Ende opened one huge ass wormhole with that one.  Big enough to fit a luck dragon through.

This post is in response to the weekly writing challenge over at The Daily Post at Write something out of your comfort zone they suggested. So I took the concept of a list of instructions and twisted it around into a wormhole. I enjoyed this process as meeting a challenge is always a hard thing to do. We can get caught up in perfection forgetting that it’s okay to play with our creativeness. Once I determined the type of post I was going to do the rest just kind of came to me. I still wanted to make sure it stayed in the theme of my blog and you know what, accepting this challenge made me realize I can relate anything back to books. Oh, and that I am a bigger book nerd than I thought. Peace out!


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Learning stuff since birth. Happy introvert who likes socializing when she's not busy being an introvert who likes to read.

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