Thank you Jelly Pom

I love the name of her blog so I had to put it in the title.  Jelly Pom was nice enough to throw me the Very Inspirational Blogging award.  These blogging awards are great encouragers to keep writing and I appreciate the sentiments behind them.

So the following now has to happen:

  1. thank the person who nominated you – so again, thanks Jelly Pom!
  2. post the award to my page;
  3. list seven things about me;
  4. nominate a few more inspiring blogs and let each of them know they’ve been nominated by posting a comment on their blog.

Okay, here is the award:

7 things about myself?  Oy, I dunno.

1. I’m a woman

2. I’m a speed reader

3. I love Jimmy Fallon

4. I love Survivor

5. For some reason I could never quite picture the Balrog in Lord of the Rings books, I don’t know why.  I just couldn’t see it.  Not until the movie did I go ‘ohhhhhhh’

6. I’m Canadian

7. I have mad love for gorillas

And now for the blogs I want to give the title of Very Inspiring Blogger to are: – she says some brave things in her blog, things I have only thought but never said out loud.  Her blog resonates strongly with me. – let’s face it, animals are always inspiring.  I dare you to read the About Grimm section and not fall for that dog. – hers is a voice of a broken heart.  Reading her posts are raw.  I respect anyone willing to just throw their emotions out on the table. – again, another honest voice.  I’ve enjoyed reading her posts on homeschooling as I too have been thinking about homeschooling my kids (when I have them).

All right, that’s it for me.  I only discovered these 4 today and was really moved by their posts so that is why they are getting some blog love here.


About Geeky Book Snob

Learning stuff since birth. Happy introvert who likes socializing when she's not busy being an introvert who likes to read.

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  1. OMG. I am so surprised. Thank you sooooo much! I love Canadians. Haha

  2. Congratulations on your award! Looking forward to exploring these new blogs!

  3. Congrats. I run the Versatile Blogger Award site! And am happy to nominate you for this!

  4. Ahhhh! Thank you. Having such an awful day today. Thanks for this. I will post when I get a chance for sure!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the nomination (and Grimm thanks you, too). I am really enjoying exploring your blog!

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