Quiet please, I’m watching a book

I didn’t know book trailers existed until a fellow blogger told me about them.  When I found out I of course did the most logical thing and began searching for these mysterious book trailers.

I found a lot.  Some really cheesy, some okay, others pretty damned good and a few that were downright embarrassing.  It made me wonder, how creative can you get with a book trailer?  You most likely won’t have film to use and, generally no actors or scenery.  (And why would you want to show that?  Isn’t it up to the reader to do the imagining part?)  Aside from the use of symbols, music, movement and text from the book, what else can you use to create a really effective trailer that will catch a reader?

And considering that video is a different medium than books, is the purpose to find a new audience?  Are they created to catch the attention of the e-reader crowd?  The You Tube generation?  It’s not like they market the videos on the book jackets themselves.  So is it to push viewers to the publishing house or author websites?  And how effective are they?  If I am on my couch, wrapped in my snuggie (made for book lovers everywhere!) then how likely is it that after watching a book trailer I am going to jump from that couch, tear the snuggie off me in a dramatic fashion and shout out to my husband – “To the car dear!  I have a book to go buy!”  When I go to buy a book it’s because I need more books to read and I already have a list of titles I want to get (as most readers do).

As you can see by the amount of questions I have, I am very intrigued by this concept.  Have there been any book trailers that have gone viral?  If so, why haven’t I seen them?  What else about the book world don’t I know that will rock my world?  This is maddening!

As I do more research on this topic, I am sure I will find the answers to calm my buzzing mind, but for now I wanted to share some of the book trailers I found that did manage to create an experience for me.  Two of these books are already on my to read list and I admit that one of these book trailers actually did help me to decide to get the book sooner than later.  So, I guess it was effective.  All right then.  Good job book trailer!

The Night Circus

I love the cover of this book – the cover alone tells me to expect a dark, quirkiness so the video doesn’t reveal anything new to me.  It just validates what the cover already has told me.  However, regarding my expectations of book trailers and how little I know about them.  I thought it was appropriate.


This book is currently in my three book rotation, though Jodi Picoult’s Second Glance has me so spellbound that I’ve put it to the side for now.  It is a challenging read, but there is something really intriguing about the story that is keeping me going.  The book trailer captures a weirdness to the story that I sense when I begin to read Murakami’s words.  The robotic type music lends itself to the expectation of discoveries and quantum connections (as do the images of planets and space).  Again, a very appropriate trailer in my mind.

Night of the Living Trekkies

So this one does use people and is basically a full on movie trailer.  Well done in my mind.  I laughed, I admired it.  Production value is great for a book trailer.  I would never have looked at this book twice but maybe….well, now I’m curious.  Quirk Fiction?  A new genre to explore!


OhMaGah! Okay, this one got to me – I was tearing up at the end.  Again, another book on my list and one that I have been avoiding because I think it will turn me into emotional goo.  The trailer was really effective.  The voice of the little boy narrator, the crayon writing and the sweet, sad piano.  All right.  I’m sold.  Next book store trip, I am getting it.  Kleenex box, here I come.

So what about you readers out there?  I’m curious to know what trailers you’ve seen that have helped you decide to buy the book.  Am I in the minority for not knowing this existed till now?


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  1. I didn’t know they existed!!!!!! you live and learn…… (by the way, do you mean quiet please in your post title?

  2. I’m not a fan of them… they can contain spoilers for the sake of promotion. Some have the author talking about the book or even reading some lines, that I like, but I prefer to watch an interview/chat with the author for those who have already read the book than a trailer.

  3. I’ve known about the trailers now. Probably more then a year. I like some, don’t like some, hate others. I think because movie trailers are so popular that books started them. As for how well they have done in selling the book, I don’t know. Might be some interesting research there. As a hopeful author I’m of two minds about them.

  4. I didn’t know about book trailers until I read this post! I think it’s a great idea that’s relevant in today’s techno-savvy world where people are more visually stimulated. The moving images and music give an idea of what the book is about. Sure beats browsing random books in the bookshops or libraries and reading their blurbs! But book trailers should not look like movie trailers. Unless a movie based on the book is in the works. 🙂

  5. You learn something new every day on here! Not only did I watch my first book trailer thanks to your post, I just downloaded ‘Room’! Clearly I am a sucker for great advertising.

  6. I do hope The Night Circus is on your to-read list! I read it at the start of the year and just found the whole thing great! Very descriptive and imaginative, I haven’t read anything like it in ages

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