Book Cover Gallery – #2

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted.  Life is busy, good busy but I do miss blogging!  So to get back at it, here is a second installment of one of my favourite things about books – book covers!


Life of Pi by Yann Martel – This cover grabbed me in seconds.  First of all the title alone caught my attention, but then there was that breath-holding minute of pulling the book from the shelf to look at the front and viola!  What colours!  The images told me immediately that there would be exoticness to this story, that I was in for something new, something unimagined, something from a far off land.  And that is what the story delivered – I don’t recall ever being so enamored with a story.  The story of Pi and the animals trapped with him on a small boat – beautiful and tender.  It was so well told I believed every word.  (I cannot wait to see this movie!)






When She Woke by Hillary Jordan – My eye is naturally drawn to black, red and white.  I love that combination – so stark, dramatic and seductive.  When She Woke is a re-telling of The Scarlet Letter (you can read my review of it here).  I loved this cover as soon as I saw it.  The red of the woman intrigued me.  And why were her eyes covered?  Did she have something to hide?  Along with the title I was hooked and reading the synopsis was just a default.  I knew I was buying it when I saw it.  This is one of the covers I would love to have as art on my wall (and would if I didn’t believe ripping the covers off of books was like ripping out the soul from a human’s body – tell me, there must be a place where you can order book covers as posters).





The Red Tent by Anita Diamant – Another thing that catches my eye regarding book covers is when women are featured on the cover.  Usually (not always) it is a good indication that the story is centred around a great female character.  The Red Tent certainly doesn’t disappoint.  God, this woman looks like she is in some type of ecstasy – or is it anguish?  Is there a difference?  And the scenery behind her, so dramatic and epic – it matches the look on her face.  This cover matches the story perfectly – the story of Dinah, mentioned briefly in the bible only once.  I love books that tell biblical stories with a gutsy twist and this one was one of my favourites.





Fallen by David Maine – I was really intrigued by the cover.  Two cherub like beings fighting amidst a black backdrop.  I liked how the title and author’s name was falling as well.  I felt the cover was hinting at either a really quirky story or a very unhappy one.  It was both.  Fallen is another re-telling of a biblical story, this one of Adam and Eve and their two sons, Cain and Abel.  It is disturbing, gross, uncomfortable and downright offensive at times and I. LOVED. IT!  A unique telling of Adam and Eve.







The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon – I loved this cover immediately.  The full red, the upside down dog, the simple font of the title.  Everything screamed that this would be a fresh story, a unique experience, an imaginative read.  And it was.  The voice of the story is that of a 15-year-old autistic boy who is hot on the trail of a mystery.  Who he meets and the experiences he has are both funny, thoughtful and filled with meaning.







Well thanks for taking a walk with me through the book cover gallery.  Until the next time!

Would love to know what book covers are eye candy for your soul.


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  1. Love love love The Red Tent. The story and the cover art. Delightful.

  2. 1Q84 has one of the most interesting covers with its semi-transparent outer layer. Designed by one of my favorite book designers Chip Kidd!

  3. I have a different cover version of The Curious Incident (it’s blue) … I tend to find I’m really loyal to the cover on the version I own, and think of it as ‘the right one’ … I do that with the harry potter books especially! (am I the only one who does that?!) But I do like the version you have posted as well, and it is a great read I agree 🙂

  4. I love that you love book covers! I often wander into book stores just to browse through the covers and have the tactile experience of running my hands over the books.

    • I wish I could put book covers on my walls for art pieces. I love touching books too – I don’t know, I feel that books are so mysterious until you crack open that cover and when you are in a book store you are amongst a secret society of sorts…

  5. I loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time!

  6. I’m reading Life of Pi these weeks before watching the movie, I’m not sure I’ll like it though, I already have mixed feelings after watching the trailer.

  7. I love these Book Cover Galleries you keep doing! I get so irritated with certain book covers because it does the story no justice. Hoping to see more!

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