I found the ONLY reason for me to get an e-reader

The ONLY reason I would get an E-Reader

Need I say more? This e-reader cover…I love it. For this reason alone I would get an e-reader. Or maybe I will get this anyway and use it for all the books I read.

From GeekifyInc on Etsy

Neverending Story ereader cover


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  1. Ha ha, that’s a great reason to be sure – I did see another photo on a blog or twitter where somebody had a super slim kindle and was using it as a book mark – so, another reason. I must admit that I do use my kindle now but there are a number of reasons for this:
    1. My husband bought it and is peevishly watching me to see if I use it or not (after all it’s not like he bought me a book I don’t want to read and can just exchange it!)
    2. I really do have to admit that it’s good when you’re reading a chunkster – you know the type, massive, 800 pages, hard back, gives you a RSI just reading it – need a cushion on your knee, etc, etc,
    3. Holidays – you can buy more books when you’re abroad in a country in the middle of no where – as along as you can find wi-fi – you can buy books!
    4. Lots of free books – I’m not into a lot of them but many of the classics are on there available for zilch – you can’t grumble at that.
    Overall, I still prefer a book. It’s a more connected experience which I miss whenever I read a book on Kindle and sometimes I wonder if part of that makes me enjoy the book less?? Who knows. But, it is the way of the future I suppose and we book lovers will have to embrace it a little bit (because frankly it’s not going away) and the next generation will all be about e-books.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

  2. OOOH – I want one of those. I’ve blogged my reasons for liking both books and readers before so I wont bore you again. But . . . that is a beautiful cover.

  3. Wow this cover is totally awesome!

  4. Omg that’s amazing! It’s almost enough to convince me to get one too!

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