Quantum Reading

Lifehack has an excellent list of benefits reading provides ranging from the mental to the physical to the spiritual.

I’ve been maintaining since this blog began that reading is a very quantum act and that it engages ALL the senses.  In fact, I believe this so strongly that I was just about to astound you all with a new term that I made up: Quantum Reading.  Yes, I patted myself on the back for a few seconds as a basked in my intelligence and creativity. But of course reality set in as I discovered this is not a new term and I did not create it. After some grudging research I discovered it’s a term coined by the Thinking Consultancy who describes it as a way to improve reading and save time.  In my opinion, I don’t know why anyone would want to save time reading, isn’t the whole purpose of reading to dig in and let time go?  Oh, but how I digress!

So I need to come up with a term to describe this wonderful phenomena of impacting the very fabric of our universe through reading.  Any suggestions?

Anyway…so we were talking about why reading is such a quantum act.  In my opinion?  Because of the brain.  The brain, while magnificent, is also easy to trick.  When you watch something, read something or imagine something, the brain can’t really distinguish between what is real and what’s not.  It’s not like it has this ability to say ‘Oh, she’s just reading, so it’s not real.  Gonna go take a nap now’.  The brain is always active and any form of creativity, activity or imagination engages the brain which connects to the physical that activates the senses that initiates emotion which turns into energy which manifests into form.  (Huh?)

Read a horror book and goosebumps break out on your arm.  Read a thriller and your heartbeat picks up speed.  Read a spiritual book and you feel calm and centred.  Read a cookbook and you start getting hungry and salivate.  Read a romance novel and get sick to your stomach (yes, tell us how you really feel about romance novels).  You get my point I’m sure.

I really wish more people would see reading as I do – as a quantum experience.  Sure, it may be a solitary one and depending on who you are, your experience in reading a certain book will differ from another.  But what is so exciting about reading is that the possibilities that can come from reading are limitless and unlimited possibilities belong in the realm of quantum physics.

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  1. And just imagine when quantum reading is part of your everyday life, when you don’t see literature as the means to get wiser and improve but something you need to keep living as much as you need food or air!

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