Book Cover Gallery – 3rd Edition

Let’s take another walk through the hallways of book cover art shall we? It’s been awhile and there are some covers I’ve very keen on talking about. (Does anyone say keen anymore other than me?)


wool by hugh howeyWool by Hugh Howey – Again, red naturally catches my eye. It’s a power colour and so when I see it as the majority colour of a book cover my instinct is that it is going to be one awesome story. (My instinct isn’t always correct.) When I looked closer I admit the title really got me intrigued. I couldn’t tell if the cover was messy, if there was a fire that was pixelated…but as the title suggests, it looks like something is being covered. A cover up! Wool is a suspenseful story of a post-apocalyptic future where all that is left of humanity is living together in a silo buried into the ground miles and miles deep. So now the cover makes more sense – is that blood and soil mixed together? So many questions, which is exactly what this story raises as you read throughout.


icy sparks by Gwyn Hyman RubioIcy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio – Where is that little girl heading?  It certainly is the question I had in my head when I saw this cover.  The road forward into the unknown definitely signifies a journey, and if there is one thing I love in stories, it’s a journey of growth and evolution.  Icy Sparks is a fantastic character, a young girl who is ostracized for being different due to her illness.  You look at that cover of that wee, little girl and can’t help but get overwhelmed for her – look ahead, a huge path lays before her and beyond that?  Who knows?  That is what is compelling about this cover.  This little girl seems undaunted by the unknown and moves ever onward.  When I looked at this cover I knew this little girl was going to have a spirit and the author doesn’t disappoint.  I also love the icy hues of the colour of this book.  Obviously, a great match for the name.


Headhunter by Timothy Findley – I recently came across Headhunter again and headhunter by timothy findleyremember why I picked it up in the first place.  It has been years since I last read this and forgot about it until I saw it again in a bookstore.  This cover affects me as much now as it did then.  It just kind of looks  – crazy.   When I first saw it appealed to me because of the hint of imagination that comes across.  There is a sense of distortion and disconnect when you look at this cover and the story delivers on that in every aspect, from its dystopian environment to the character of Lilah who thinks she might have released doom upon they world through the freeing of the character of Kurtz from the novel, Heart of Darkness.  Crazy?  Maybe, and that’s what I love about this cover.  It gives you that sense of crazy and something….unsettling.


the heretics daughter by kathleen kentThe Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent – I saw this cover and had two simultaneous reactions; getting the chills and feeling sad.  The girl looks haunted.  Or am I feeling haunted by the look of her?  She also looks aged, like she has been through trauma and tragedy.  The Heretic’s Daughter is about the Salem Witch Trials.  Combine that topic with the sad, tired face of this little girl and I’m sold.  I have not read this yet having just bought it but I can already tell, tears and anguish are straight ahead.


boy's life by robert mccammonBoy’s Life by Robert McCammon – One of my favourite books of all time.  This book has seen many covers but this one is my favourite as it captures the spirit of the story perfectly.  We are allowed a glimpse, it seems, into the life of this boy we see riding away from us on a bicycle.  It is hard to tell if he is riding at sunset or at dawn, but it doesn’t matter as both are times when the veil between this world and another is at its thinnest, it is a time when young girls and boys can dream up worlds and adventure beyond their wildest dreams.  It is a time when secrets are revealed to those who have the bravest hearts.


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  1. I really loved Wool. I’ve also read The Heretic’s Daughter and thought it was very good – it’s a harsh life that is depicted and it’s well portrayed. I hope you enjoy it.
    Lynn 😀

    • Looking forward to The Heretic’s Daughter. I just finished Wool and just posted a review. I liked it. It was good but I wasn’t floored by it. I think you can probably tell that by my review…worst writing of a review ever. 🙂

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