10 things people say that annoy the hell out of a book lover

I know I haven’t captured all of them so please leave a comment for ones I’ve missed.

10 things people say that annoy the hell out of a book lover


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  1. I’d like this twice if I could!

  2. My favourite is: “Are you going to finish that HUGE book in a month? Wow..” Even worse is the face they put when I saw “Well, no. In a week”.

  3. Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader

    How do you have so much time to read?? Ugh, that’s my biggest peeve 😉

  4. I knew I was missing more! Keep ’em coming, I want to do a part 2 to this list.

  5. The number one thing I hate to hear is: “Oh, I just don’t have time to read.” As if I p*ss my days away with triviality. To me, it is something akin to saying “I don’t have time to breathe.”

    Ah, reading comments really touch a nerve with me.

  6. Mine is “You’re reading again??” Or something along that line. duh! I love the list and if I can remember more of what people have said to me I’ll come back. I have heard every single one and much more through out my life. Some people just don’t get it. 😉

  7. Ironically, my favourite and my least favourite book-related question is the same – “what’re you reading?” When this is my least favourite question, I am usually mid-book in a public place, and someone is trying to start a conversation. In this context, I can be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that they do not care what I’m reading. So when I tell them (I’m more polite than my sister, who generally just says “a book” and carries on with her life), they respond with “that sounds boring/hard/sad” (I’m a History student and have spent the last year reading a lot of books about the Holocaust because I was studying it for my special subject – that’s where “sad” usually derives from). At which point I have a strong urge to shriek at them.

    • I think that is big thing about this question – unless the other person is a book lover – they typically don’t care to know what you are reading, they just want to make conversation. The focused reading of one individual in public is still one of the most ignored signals of all time – that of being ‘I’m reading so don’t bug me’.

  8. “Don’t you have more important things to do with your time?” Especially irritating coming from an overabundant TV watcher.

  9. “Didn’t you read that one already?”

    And the one I hate the most. “What’s the matter? Did some character die again?”

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  11. My pet peeve is:” Why are you reading fiction, at least with non-fiction you learn something?” Aargh!

  12. Here’s a couple:
    1. –I don’t read _____________ (fill-in-the-blank)
    2. Oh, I tried that book once–didn’t finish it.
    3. The movie is better, but then I didn’t read the book.

    BtW: I reblogged your post. Too good to pass up when talking about biblio-ing!

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  14. When someone sees me a week later with a different book ‘You must read so fast you can’t possibly take it all in’ Why would I keep reading if I didn’t understand anything duh!

  15. mine isn’t really a question I get asked but instead an
    interruption. I read on my breaks and lunch at work everyday and almost every day someone sits down and just starts a conversation with me…..even as they see me still reading. What don’t they get about that?? Very annoying.

  16. The worst I have heard ” why don’t you spend your money on something more valuable than books?”

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