Reading belongs in the place of dancing and singing

Reading belongs in the place of dancing and singing.

Do you remember being a child and holding the very first book in your hands?  Flipping the pages filled with colour and pictures?  And then remember what it felt like to read a book yourself for the very first time?

It is similar to dancing for the first time as a child – and singing.  What child doesn’t love to throw themselves around in an ecstatic tumble of dance?  What child doesn’t love to sing at the top of their lungs on a car ride or with the smallest of whispers once the lights have gone out and its time for bed?

Reading belongs in the place of dancing and singing, because it is one of the things that we learned as a child, that we have carried with us into adulthood that still brings us pleasure when we give ourselves over to it.

When a grown-up dances, you see for the briefest of moments, the child surface upon their face as they get lost in the freedom of movement.  When a grown-up sings, you see the smile of the child that sung at the top of their lungs.  And when you watch a grown-up read, you see their brow furrowed in curiosity and wonder and maybe, if you watch them read long enough, you will see their eyes widen upon discovering something amazing within the story.  The child has just emerged in this moment.

Reading belongs in the place of dancing and singing – it belongs to freedom.  And freedom belongs in the place where children run wild – never forgetting the magic of imagination, even when they turn into grown-ups.

Image by Stephen Beadles

Image by Stephen Beadles


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  1. Yes! We lose so much of our childlikeness (Is that a word?) as we grow up.

  2. Awww, yes, I think I remember the first time I read a book. It was in the second grade when we went to the library with class to make a library card for everyone. Then everyone had to lend one book which we read back at school, everyone for themselves 🙂 it is such a beautiful memory. Since then I always went to the library with several bags which I filled with lots of books :’D Dancing was something different. I learned dancing before I even learned how to walk :’D

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