Horrible Book Covers

Every once in a while I walk through the Book Cover Gallery here on this blog – taking readers through some beautiful pieces of book cover art.  The reason I do this is to get the point across that a well thought out and relevant cover adds additional layers to the story inside.

Having said that, there are some awful books covers out there.  A friend of mine sent this to me today, a good old oldie that I am sure we have all seen the rounds (I didn’t till now).  Now I am sharing with you – see how much fun sharing is?  (Also, I haven’t blogged in a while and my mind is dry so thanks to Ramp for seeing into the future last October and knowing I would need to post this just to make me feel better about myself and my blogging schedule.)

34 Horrible Book Covers


horrible book cover cats


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  1. There are some creepy designs for classics with no copyrights. The cheaper the book, the creepier the cover.

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