Ahhh-Maze-Ing book labyrinth

A labyrinth of books?  Yes please.

“In a statement accompanying “aMAZEme,” Brazilian artist and installation co-creator Marcos Saboya describes the exhibit as a “labyrinth of fake entrances, exits that exit, straight curves, straight lines, overturned abysses, brittle sand stones, blunt edges, filled holes, evident secret pathways, compressed stars, wide valleys, unbridgeable straits, blinding thick rain, longitudinal sea currents, invisible avalanches, still winds, inaudible requests, mislaid sentences, in a dark pyramid, as tall as a chasm, as deep as the sky, without echoes, smooth at touch, worn out by weary fingers, which point to the nothing, which is near, and has always been.””

sigh – dreamy.

See more of the 2012 exhibit here.

aMAZEme book art installation by artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo

aMAZEme book art installation by artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo


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  1. I love that picture. I want to wander through that labyrinth – the biggest problem – I’d probably pull one of the books out without thinking and we all know how that would end.
    Lynn 😀

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