Book Cover Gallery – 4th Edition

Let’s take another stroll through the Book Cover Gallery, shall we?

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski – Oh God, a boy and his dog on the cover?  Sold.  The faded image grabbed my heart immediately and without even cracking it open I was almost teary.  Doesn’t the dog look like he is checking out the area, protecting his boy?  The story is a beautiful love story, between people and between the animals that are part of our lives.  In particular it is about a boy who seems to be most understood by his dogs.

edgar sawtelle by david wroblewski

The River King by Alice Hoffman – Normally this is a book cover that I would pass on by, but something really grabbed me about it.  First off I had noticed the halo that seemed to surround the swan.  It leads one to believe there is an ethereal quality to this book – which there definitely is.  That image, along with the title has me tingling with the promise of a beautiful, supernatural story.  But the image is also very sad – there is such a lonely feel to the swan swimming alone.

the river king by alice hoffman

Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism by David Nickle – Oh God, run! They will do horrible things to you if they find you!

Sorry, this book is some disturbing, scary shit.  You can tell right away by the cover.  I don’t trust that girl.  She has weird, alien eyes.  She looks like she wants to eat me.  She looks ancient and terrible.  That  cover stared menacingly at me from the book shelf in the store.  It creeped me right the f*@$ out.

So I bought it.

Not necessarily a beautiful book cover to hang on your wall but damn, it’s imagery is chilling.

eutopia by david nickle

The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill – This cover appeals to me in two ways.  One, it stirs something within my heart.  Sadness? Compassion?  I don’t know but I need to know.  The eyes, oh those ancient, deep, eyes.  What have they been a witness to?  What have those knowing eyes seen?  There is a story to be told with those eyes alone.  Why is the other half of the face covered?  What is this person hiding?  Or are they being hid from us?  So many questions to be answered, this book cover is inviting us to find out.

The second appeal is that it also looks like a history book.  It looks official and important.  If we read this, we will learn something.  That’s what this cover promises.

(Interesting side note: This book is called The Book of Negroes in Canada but is called Someone Knows My Name in the United States.  Interesting…)

book of negroes

Last one for today’s post – The Age of Ice by J.M. Sidorova

I haven’t read this one yet, it’s one I recently picked up and did so due to its cover – then the summary sold it for me.  The cover looks so still to me.  I live in a province that experiences, long and coooold winters.  But there is nothing like a soft snow fall in the middle of the night, the snow twinkling under the moon’s light.  It is beautiful and calming in those moments.  This cover gives me a sense of that wonder and yet…it feels lonely and pained.  No matter how beautiful a cold, snowing evening might look, one never forgets that underneath that beauty is a chill that can hurt.


As always, I am interested in seeing the book covers that get you readers nodding and mmm-hmmming in pleasure.


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  1. I think my favourite cover is The Great Gatsby’s Penguin Modern Edition’s with the black and white picture. And then books get extra points if it’s a hardback and has one of those cloth bookmarks attached to the top of the spine 😀

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