No Names, No Jackets – a new way of discovering stories

I’ve admitted to judging a book by its cover – who doesn’t.  But I’ve also admitted that I know this has caused me to miss out on what are probably some amazing stories.  I’ve also said I’m okay with that because I believe stories choose us as much as we choose them, so I’m finding the stories my spirit needs to read.

And now, an awesome way of discovering new stories.

No Names, No Jackets is an online archive of stories where all that is available to you is the first chapter of a story.  No book cover.  No author’s name.  No summary.  Just the text.  What an awesome concept!

My choosing a book is a 4 step process (which I will get into on a later post) with reading the first page of a book being the last, and most important step.  No Name, No Jackets is a jump right to that last step and is very exciting indeed.  It is a newer site and so some genre’s have less to choose from than others.  But I imagine it will grow in popularity as readers and authors the world over discover it.

Once you find a writing that appeals to you and you want to read more, you simply click on the link at the bottom of the page and it takes you to wherever the book is available to buy – only then revealing to you the title and the author.  Pretty cool!  I hope this site keeps going – we need more sites like this.

no names, no jackets


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  1. Amazing idea! I’m one who gets carried away way too much by design cover, but one has to admit there are some masterpieces out there.

  2. Nice idea. I’ve got to check this out.

  3. Great idea! I too have to check it out. Even though I’ve been reading whatever’s for free on Kindle lately and I don’t even bother looking at covers anymore.

  4. This is a brilliant idea! Just a few days ago I saw a picture on pinterest of a box of books all wrapped in brown paper with just a genre and a couple of categories on the paper. I thought it was ingenious because I often find myself choosing the familiar author or the book with the most appealing cover art. I think this habit stems from disappointed in so many b-list movies that lure me in with the cover then leave me completely saddened by the time I spent watching them. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  5. This is really cool. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on The Big Nerd and commented:
    This site sounds pretty cool! Thought I would share it with my lovely readers 🙂

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