I took one look at these pictures and went squee!

I did, I said squee when I saw this picture.  I turned into a 9 year-old.  My eyes went wide with wonder and I began to salivate.  Look at all those books.

I love book art.  Some artists really go way out there – Alicia Martin certainly did.

“The Spain-based artist’s sculptural installation at Casa de America, Madrid depicts a cavalcade of books streaming out of the side of a building. The whirlwind of literature defies gravity and draws attention with its grandeur size. There have been three site-specific installations, thus far, of the massive sculptural works in this series known as Biografias, translated as Biographies, that each feature approximately 5,000 books sprawled out around and atop one another.”

Check out more pictures here.

Alicia Martin - artist sculpture


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  1. Ooooh something made in my country that makes me proud! Amazing.

  2. I love art like this, but I can’t help but wonder what books have been used to create it. I always hope it’s out-of-date textbooks being given a new lease on life, not well-loved novels that could have been read again!

  3. I’d love to think it was novels, so that I could stand in the street and read the open pages…

    Not sure the sculpture would work so well here in rainy Scotland though!

  4. Ooh an actual bookworm. Now these can be dangerous if not treated with the utmost of care. They like to trap there victims mesmerizing them for hours at a time. They have been known to take some people into far off worlds of unfamiliar origins. However, when kept in controlled environments they may provide years of enjoyment.
    DISCLAIMER: this may sound funnier if you use/imagine an accent such Australian or English

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