Digital access to books – an idea I could come to love

I like technology.  It turns me into a wide-eyed toddler who tries to put everything into their mouth.  It appeals to the nerd within.  It can, at times, go against the book snob side of me that is old fashioned when it come to writing, paper and books but for the most part both these sides live harmoniously within me.

I have resisted e-readers and will for awhile but this…this is something that could make me reconsider.

Have you heard about Oyster?  It appears to be a type of Netflix, but for books.  They boast over 100,000 books available for only $10 bucks a month.  That is a fabulous idea I have to say.  Well done Oyster.

Right now though, it looks to be only available for iphone and you need to request an invite to join (that rules me out right now).  Maybe as they get bigger and have more people join they will develop for other e-readers or digital platforms.  I will certainly keep my eye on it.

Plus all the guys on the team look friendly and inviting – guys to have a beer with.  I like that too.

oyster for iphone


About Geeky Book Snob

Learning stuff since birth. Happy introvert who likes socializing when she's not busy being an introvert who likes to read.

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  1. What finally pushed me over the edge in terms of getting an e-reader (kindle to be exact) is the access of digital libraries. I’m lucky and have access to a very large public library, but I realize that this is not always the case. However, they are getting much better with permissions and smaller libraries are managing to get in on the action by joining consortiums. I too struggle with the notion of ebooks, but they make reading a night a whole lot easier 🙂

  2. I had never heard of it and it could bring my e-reader to live once more! Yes, I thought I’d love it when I purchased it, but alas! I only used it to read three books in 14 months…

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