If I didn’t fear clowns before, I kinda do now

Have you seen this?!

Pennywise lives!: Stephen King’s evil Clown seen haunting Northampton’s streets

I haven’t been this creeped out since the cover of Eutopia stared at me in the book store.

I read IT when I was in my early teens and that son-of-a-bitch clown was terrifying.  The television show based on Stephen King’s novel, not so terrifying, but Pennywise played by Tim Curry WAS.

That’s the brilliance behind Pennywise, you take a wonderful childhood icon and throw in some sharp teeth, a psychotic mind and a taste for the blood of children, and you have Pennywise.  We are all secretly afraid of clowns, aren’t we?

Ah, but the child within is squealing with terrified glee – there is something magical about being afraid isn’t there?  Admit it.  No?  Just me?  Okay, well I might have to see a professional for that then.

But let’s take another look – we are heading towards Halloween after all.

Creepy Clown stalks UK town


I might just pee my pants if I saw this standing outside on my street at night.

But you all haven’t come here for the scare-fest – you have come here to learn something.  So here you go.

Coulrophobic.  The fear of clowns.  Now sleep well my pretties.

creepy clown of northampton


Not all clowns are creepy and I don’t mean to generalize.  Many clowns have been known to bring laughter and smiles to children.  Many people have made a good living as a clown.  Clowns help support our economy.


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  1. No, clowns are creepy. They have never made me laugh. Except for Le Clown, of course. I love learning a new word, though (coulrophobic). Is it really a phobia if half of us are creeped out? Like a fear of heights – isn’t it normal when you don’t have wings, a huge bean bag or a jet pack?

  2. Sorry, but clowns are just plain scary. I mean, maybe they weren’t scary until Pennywise came along but now that he’s out there there’s no getting away from it is there! He was a clown with pointy teeth who ate children!
    Lynn 😀

  3. Geek Book Snob,
    That clown is giving us a bad rep…
    I think together, we can work to eradicate coulrophobia. And while we are there, hunger and discrimination, and all that jazz. But mostly, coulrophobia.
    Le Clown

  4. Never like them. Not that they scare me, but I find them… repulsive. There, I said it! I have no idea why though…

  5. Apparently his intention wasn’t to cause mayhem in Northampton (yeah right!) I have to confess to not having strong feelings either way but it seems an awful lot of bother to go to just to pop down the shops!

  6. Because I love your blog I have nominated you for a Shine On Award see the link here: http://cleopatralovesbooks.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/the-shine-on-award/

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