Today is the day that belongs to the girls

Today is a great day.  Today is the International Day of the Girl.  Today is only one day but it should be 365 days.  Today is a beginning though, and beginnings are better than endings.  (That holds true for books too – I don’t know about you but I get sad when books end).

But back to the girls!

Have you seen this video?  It’s been circulating so I am sure you have.  Jon Stewart’s reaction is beautiful.  The way he looks at Malala.  And isn’t she something amazing?  You know what the other amazing thing is?  There are so many young women, girls, like her but we don’t get to hear their stories.  But they are coming out.  The stories are finding their strength, their power and they are starting to rise.

And in other girl power news?  Alice Munro, Canadian author (and a girl), was the 13th woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature yesterday.  And the first Canadian.

So, as we Canadians head into Thanksgiving weekend let us give thanks to the girls in our lives who dare to show the world their intelligence, bravery, compassion and power.  Whether these girls be our sisters, friends, mothers or grandmothers, we each have a story and the stories are starting to take flight.

Thanks giving indeed!



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  1. Great video. Did you see Malala addressing the UN a few weeks ago? She is such a powerful speaker, and only 16. It will be fascinating to see what she does in her life…

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  3. To our girls. To us!

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