She, whom I call mom

I’ve been alive 36 years on this planet and just recently I learned something new (and very interesting) about my mom.  It takes awhile hey?  Getting to know our parents as people and not as our parents?  To me, mom is mom.  I don’t argue it, I don’t challenge it or deny that simple fact.  She.  Is.  Mom.

And then I learn something about she who is called mom (not mother, I have never said mother) and I wonder at what other secrets lie within this woman who is called mom.

The secret came out one recent afternoon.  My husband and I were helping she who is mom with her bathroom renovation and we needed a pencil sharpener.   So, she whom I call mom and I went on a scavenging hunt.  We went to her office where we started looking through the drawers of a dresser that she kept her supplies in.  The secret leapt out the moment she opened the one drawer and I stared at this drawer of wonders for a few seconds not comprehending.  She, who is mom, laughed nervously and said “I’m like a hoarder I guess”.

In the drawer?  (Actually, in TWO drawers!).  Packages and packages of brand new, never opened pencil crayons and crayons.

I looked at this woman named mom with such curiosity that she went right into an explanation.

“Whenever I see crayons or pencil crayons on sale I have to buy them.”

Okay, I thought.  But why?

“I love pencil crayons, I love the colours.”

She, who is mom, mother, mama.  She whom I’ve thrown up on, snotted on, threw tantrums on and tried to French kiss when I was 6, loved pencil crayons.  This simple little fact was unknown to me for 36 years.  In that moment, I saw this woman who I called mom, not as mom, but as a carefree, childlike young woman and I was utterly charmed.

I then discovered another fantastic and utterly charming fact about this woman.  She likes to colour.

What what???  Who is this woman named mom?  You mean, she has a personality?  She enjoys things outside of worrying about my existence as her eldest daughter?  She finds pleasure in the simple things?  Things that have nothing to do with me?

I realized a long time ago that my mom wasn’t just my mom.  That she was a person with her own constitution, energy, passions and fears.  This realization came to me when I was a kid and me and my two siblings were puking our guts out with some nasty flu.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night in a haze and hearing my mom throwing up downstairs and I wondered, who was looking after her?  (She was a single mom of 3 kids – a true-life superhero.)  It hit me in that moment that she was a person, a mortal being who was just as sick as I was, and man, did I ever feel bad.

As we get older though, we forget.  Or, at least, I do sometimes.  So these little reminders of the people our parents are, is good.

I asked my mom what she liked to colour.  She said she likes nature and animals and that she’s tried to look for colouring books but all she finds are ones for kids where they are too cartoony for her.  She wants more realistic, adult type colouring books.  She also said how she found some online that you can print off but she doesn’t want a page here or there.  She wants a colouring book.

My mom loves pencil crayons and she wants a colouring book.  This was the most unexpected thing I ever heard coming out of my mother’s mouth.  I love being surprised like that.

So, I am on a mission.  I am looking for adult oriented colouring books depicting nature, flowers or animals so that I can by my mom a shit load of colouring books so she can finally put those packages of pencil crayons to work.

What delightful, surprising, childlike thing have you discovered about your mom or dad?

And where the hell can I buy adult colouring books?



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  1. We often forget that we are all individual beings… because of the roles we assign to each other. You found out such a sweet realization.
    The fact that I learned about my mother was that she used to weave… I was a kid when I got to know about it and it was hard for me to comprehend. There are two of her woven art pieces hung around the house. 🙂

    • We do find it hard to comprehend in the moment…and even now, in my delight and am putting these two pieces together. The individual within and the mom. What a wonderful thing to discover about your mom – weaving. I love that these discoveries are about their creative sides.

  2. What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing!
    I immediately thought of Dover Publications as a source for you–
    They have a great, unique selection of coloring books for kids AND adults! I’ve been ordering things from them for years.

  3. Lovely story! I know you’ve probably tried this, but a search for ‘colouring books for adults’ on Amazon brings up a pretty wide range. Here’s a wild animal one… (stick www. in front)

  4. I so enjoyed this! I recently wrote a tribute to my own person who I call mom. 🙂 It’s nice to read about real women appreciating the women who are their moms.

    I’m not a great artist, but I do love to sketch. I also love to simply colour and have searched high and low for “adult” colouring books because somehow applying pastel to my sketch always ‘ruins’ it for me. I know she’ll be absolutely delighted you’ve taken on this personal mission to fulfill her heart like this.

  5. Absolutely Awesome!!! COLOR!! Thanks for sharing this tidbit! *happy*

  6. Good luck on your mission!
    Lynn 😀

  7. Moms (all parents who try) are awesome. I’ve known mine was a ‘person’ since I was about 10. From 16 on, she was more of a friend than a mom.

    I love the picture you found for this post. So everyday, but somehow it has a little bit of magic. 🙂

  8. what a beautiful post.

    At work we have a lot of anatomy and physical therapy books (I work for a textbook supplier). A few of them are anatomy “coloring books”, the idea being that the student will learn the muscles and bones through the exercise of coloring them in and experiencing their shapes and relations to each other. Not sure if this is something your Mom would be interested in, but they are very detailed, and definitely not something a kid would be interested in.

  9. I love to colour, too! I love the smell of crayons. I don’t like the cheap waxy crayons but Crayola brand. I will color cartoony ones, I have been known to color at restaurants. I am 63. My daughter bought me colouring books and fancy coloured pencils for Christmas one year. I was like a kid I was so excited. Thanks for sharing the other side of the equation. It is equally hard to let my adult children understand that though they are my babies, I love getting to know their adults selves. They are cool people to know. I can tell that you are a cool person, too! 🙂 (By the way, I added the u’s as you did because they make a stronger feeling word. Why did we Americans start leaving those out?)

    • 63 years young hey? And you sound it. I love that too. I want to start colouring now. And yes, the u’s do add strength to the word colour don’t they? Not sure why the American way of spelling some words is so different.

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