Books plus Halloween equals awesome imagination & creativity

With Halloween coming up I started looking into book inspired costumes and let me tell you, there is some awesome creativity out there.  So I’ve shared some of the best in my opinion.

I saw this picture make the rounds through Facebook, it’s an older picture and I don’t know the origin but I love Where the Wild Things Are and when I saw this picture, my heart expanded a thousand fold.

where wild things are costumes

I love the pop art of comic books and so this picture was really appealing.  What creativity and patience!  Again, can’t find the origin of this picture.

comic book halloween idea

Look!  Book Fairies do exist!

book fairy costume

I found this picture on Pinterest and I love it, Zombie Librarian has made my day.

zombie librarian

Anyone else have some awesome book oriented costumes ready for Halloween?





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  1. That Wild Things photo is going to make me smile all day today! LOVE the expression on the face of little “Max”!

  2. Great post. Some really great costumes!

  3. The book fairy may be the best thing I’ve seen in a while! Thanks for the pics, I’ll retweet the book fairy.

  4. Wow, you found some good ones. I wanna be a book fairy next year! I just need to find a big enough book that is past saving…then I won’t feel horrible about taking it apart.

  5. Wild Things picture is precious. The Longwood stop is in the LMA, Longwood Medical Area in Boston, Massachusetts. Love the other pictures and this is a very nice blog. Gabriel

  6. This is a truly awesome place to visit. . .I want more, More, MORE. . .

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