Libricide in Canada

Based on stats I know I have readers from all over this world, some in my own, beautiful, wonderful country of Canada.  I love Canada.  I love the city I live in (Winnipeg – yep, the city that was colder than Mars not too long ago).  I love being Canadian.

But what is becoming increasingly difficult is not to feel a little frightened for Canada.  I am not a political person – I don’t care for politics.  Give me a patch of land, a house, my husband and my 3 cats and I will happily become a hobbit.  But with the articles I’ve read the last couple of days, I wonder if Canada will be okay.

We’ve got the environmental stand-offs happening in our background (The First Nations of our country are my earth heroes for the ways that are standing strong for Mother Earth).  We’ve got the Canadian government putting gag orders on Scientists – and now – we have what people are calling libricide.

7 Department of Fisheries and Oceans libraries were closed summer of 2013 with the promise that all the information would digitized.

Not so.

Intellectual collections, some that took years and years to build, important data – has been lost forever.  Some information has been saved it seems but much of it went to landfills or were burned.

Kelly Whelan-Enns, head of media and policy research for Manitoba Wildlands, spent two days at the library trying to salvage maps from the 1900s and wildlife data from the 1920s.

“I saw a private consultant firm working for Manitoba Hydro back up a truck and fill it with Manitoba data and materials that the public had paid for. I was profoundly saddened and appalled.”

These are libraries my book loving friends, maybe not the kind you and I frequent, but libraries all the same – collections of our history, information.  These stories of science, of our earth – gone.

In a post from one of my Thoughts from the Bookshelf in 2012, thought #3 was a joke about reading becoming illegal.

Happy New Year?

keep calm and love books



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  1. That is horrible to hear. I’m also from Canada, but I’ve been out of the country for nearly 9 years, and I don’t hear as much about these things anymore. I have nothing but contempt for the conservative government, especially concerning their stance on science and research. It’s appalling.

  2. Reblogged this on I Read Encyclopedias for Fun and commented:
    Read this. Just horrible what’s happening in Canada. I am not a fan of the Harper government. Not at all. Please leave comments on the Geeky Book Snob blog (here is okay, too, but please comment there, as well).

  3. What a great read. I think the distinction that knowledge is knowledge and books are books, no matter the content, is important for those that take information for granted as many people do as we become more and more digitized. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I’m sure it’s something we need to look out for here in America as well!

  4. This post is so interesting, and what a fascinating way to view Canada. I have a literary blog, so I love finding other book lovers! keep writing.

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