Four super powers that book lovers have

I will beat up anyone who says readers don’t have super powers.  (Actually, I won’t resort to beating someone up but I will likely write a strongly worded letter or blog post and complain for a while.)

There are 4 super powers that book lovers possess.  How do I know?  I possess all 4 of them myself (plus a fifth one – god, Geeky Book Snob is such a brag) and have observed these powers in other avid readers and book lovers.

Let’s power through them shall we?

1. Invisibility

the-invisible-man-is-an-avid-readerBook lovers disappear into the books they read.  As soon as the book opens some magical chemical reaction happens within the book reader’s brain and body and they disappear from the world.  This power evolved due to book lovers wanting to be left alone when reading in public.  (Ok, so maybe you can see that reader sitting on the park bench engrossed in their book, but in that book lover’s mind they HAVE disappeared and don’t exist in that moment except in that story.)


Imagination is a powerful thing my friends.  You can create worlds with artimagination-11-728x1024imagination and book lovers / avid readers are especially blessed with this power.  It takes nothing for a book lover to create monsters, lands, battles, castles, dragons or hobbits within their minds.  Not only can they create these things, but they can feeeeeeeeel the things that happen in these creations too.  These creations are very real to book lovers and so a book lover should not be disturbed when in creation mode – unfinished creations can cause rips in the time/space continuum.

3. Teleportation

teleportBook lovers can be transported to another world in an instant.  It doesn’t take them long at all.  An avid reader who loves Ireland but lives in Canada only has to pick up a book about Ireland and they are transported there instantly.  This power is the sister power of creation.  They go hand in hand with each other.

4. Opening wormholes

I’ve talked about this power in fine detail in one of my older blog posts falkor flying through a wormholeHow I Opened a Wormhole Simply by Reading“.  This power is particularly pleasing and is mind blowing.  This power especially is NOT to be taken lightly.  With great reading power, comes great responsibility my friends.

And the fifth power I was talking about?

Speed Reading

speedreadingOkay, so this isn’t a super power – I just like to obnoxiously brag about how fast I can read.   Like, really fast.  Like, I can finish a novel in one day.  I burn pages in my books I read so fast.  I leave little burn marks on my fingers I read so fast.  I read so fast I don’t even blink.  (and obnoxious bragging has now come to an end)

There could be more powers that I am not aware of.  Who knows, I could still be a baby in my powers compared to other master readers.  If so…then teach me!


About Geeky Book Snob

Learning stuff since birth. Happy introvert who likes socializing when she's not busy being an introvert who likes to read.

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