Let Books be Books – Campaign to end gender-specific children’s books

A wonderful campaign is currently underway.  This campaign is asking publishers to refrain from stereotyping “girl” books and “boy” books.  You know, the frilly, pinky, pretty books for girls and the colourful, adventurous book for boys.  We’ve all seen how different these books are from each other and one might think – why should this matter?  

I think author Philip Pullman says it best:

I’m against anything, from age-ranging to pinking and blueing, whose effect is to shut the door in the face of children who might enjoy coming in.  No publisher should announce on the cover of any book the sort of readers the book would prefer. Let the readers decide for themselves.

He nails it.  To label a book for one type of person/age/sex, prevents another from opening it and experiencing what could potentially be a life teaching lesson.  It alienates and propagates the stereotype.  

Let the reader decide.  Let the child decide.  Hey, if I want to read a children’s book as a 36-year-old woman – nothing is going to stop me.  I might be bored as hell reading it, but that’s my right.  Why not have the same rights for our children and the words and worlds they are drawn to?

Read more about the Let Books be Books campaign.

And sign the petition!

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  1. Toys and clothes are the same way. I’m the mother of a five-year-old boy. I dressed him gender neutral and I never label things as being “girl” or “boy.” But he is picking it up at school. Makes me want to cry. I tell him. I don’t have girl books or boy books, only good books. Thank you for this post. It’s nice to know others agree with me.

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