King For a Day – Artists pay tribute to Stephen King

Oh glory of glory!  I loved going through the beautiful, haunting and downright creepy art paying tribute to the dark awesomeness that is Stephen King’s work.

The Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles is featuring art work dedicated to the literary work of the King of Macabre and rightfully so – his work is filled with imagery and iconic characters that can inspire endlessly.

Here are listed 2 of my favourites (and a 3rd that scares the shit out of me) but you can check them all out on their website.  All proceeds are going to charity.

Cujo by Sara Richard 

(This image makes me sad)



Brooks Was Here by Cuyler Smith



And the one that creeps me out the most

They All Float Down Here by Patrick Connan

(I dedicate this one to my sister Kelly who is scared of clowns)



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