Judgement – the Book Snob type

When I say book snob, I mean it in the most affectionate way possible.  To me being a book snob is about enjoying the finer things in life – like reading.  Reading is a fine thing.  Being a book snob is not about only reading a certain genre (although I steer way the hell clear of romance).  Being a book snob is preferring a book over other forms of entertainment and sometimes other people (come on readers – admit it).

Books are like wine – you can get wasted on them.  And as a connoisseur of books I can be known to question the book recommendations of others.  I realize this is a form of judgement, I accept that.  I also realize that I need to write a blog post with a topic starting with the letter J and this is the best I could come up with (creative juices went sour today).

I also accept that others may not take my recommendations to heart and I am more than okay with that.

So with judgement and book snobbery in mind – here’s another Thought from the Bookshelf – for the book snob in all of us.

thoughts from bookshelf - book recommendations



This blog post brought to you by the letter J and the A to Z Challenge.


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Learning stuff since birth. Happy introvert who likes socializing when she's not busy being an introvert who likes to read.

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  1. Love it – reference checks from authors? Books? Other readers?

    • it has to be other readers that person recommended too. I just recently had a recommendation from someone – so I asked for the book for Christmas and the book sucked. Never again (actually this person is 2 for 2 now on awful book recommendations).

  2. My post today is on a book recommendation. And it if I could only recommend one book ever, that would be the one. http://littlecely.blogspot.com/2014/04/k-is-for-khazars.html

    But I’m the same when receiving book recommendations as you. I’ll take them into account but… I need more proof of your proposed awesomeness than just your word.

  3. The problem with recommending book is what everyone likes varies so widely. I mostly read scifi fantasy books, and even people who do the same recommend a book there isn’t a great chance I’ll like it as much as them, or that I’ll like it at all.

    The only person who recommends books that I tend to like, who doesn’t ready either fantasy or scifi, is my mom. Generally, if she recommends a book I’ll like it. Because, I think she understands what I like as opposed to simply recommending what she likes.

  4. It is reasonable to question book recommendations from others. People do crazy things like recommend books without reading them. Judgement works as a topic for letter J.

  5. I’ve never read a recommended book, I’m far to independent minded and stubborn for that. I can make my own decision!

  6. When you say Romance, are you referring merely to those soft-covered grocery store books with couples dancing the tango on windy hillsides, or would you also include, say, Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, and Frankenstein (say what you want, Frankenstein will always be a romance novel to me)?

  7. I can be a bit of a book snob. And if I choose to lend you a book, it is clear I want it back. My sister-in-law just gave away a book I loaned her. Say what? Never again will she enjoy some great literature. I am visiting courtesy of CJ Schwartz – she gave you a shout out

  8. I just started reading your blog. I really enjoyed it thus far but I have to disagree with you on book recommendations. I think all of the books I read are in fact recommendations. I think seeing that ignited passion in others when they talk about a great book is the biggest motivation for me to read because I want to see what has made them respond like that. This doesn’t always work and I end up reading some real terrors but I sometimes find that even more interesting because I can then have a great debate with this person because we have differing opinions.

    I was interested to know how you do pick your books?

    • I do take book recommendations – I was being funny – or trying to be. 🙂 I am also very intuitive with books, I listen to where the books lead me in a book store or library, I make it a spiritual experience. I also know what I love, the genres and styles I love and I research similar authors or books. I use goodreads a lot too.

      • Ha! OK cool.I think you were successful in being funny, I just thought that the humour was based on fact. I also read that you’re dead against e-readers but I was wondering if you ever listen to audio-books? Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

        • not dead set against them but I did try one a few weeks ago – the white screen did weird things to my eyes and I actually found myself getting nauseated. Not for me, I know that. And no, never listened to audio books before, just never had the opportunity to.

  9. This may work out for us- as long as you mean reference checks and not background checks (I have anger management issues esp with people abusing books).

    I love your comment about being intuitive in bookish places. I love to walk up and down the aisles of a good library and just wait for the book that’s waiting for me.

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