The Drinkable Book – Water is Life

This is a must watch.

A book has been created that not only gives tips on how to make water safe for drinking, but it in itself is a water filter.  Theresa Dankovich is the scientist who invented a paper that purifies drinking water.  Each paper in this book is capable of giving someone up to 30 days of clean water and it costs only pennies to make.

If there is anything you are going to watch today – watch this.  Technology meets innovation meets social movement – can we all high five each other?

For more information and how to provide these books to people in need, please visit Water Is Life.


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  1. I had to reblog this to my New Beginning blog.

  2. Send this to Matt Damon and his efforts in Africa. Haiti and other areas hit by devastation would benefit. I’m surprised this hasn’t made a larger impact in the news.

  3. Well this is something totally worth sharing. It’s amazing the great and helpful inventions that people can come up with.

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