Bi-Curious George – this book exists and that is awesome

The author says it best on his Kickstarter page:

“George was a straight little monkey but always very… curious.  One day George saw a man.  He had on a sassy purple beret.  And George got excited, despite himself.”

Thus begins the saga of Bi-Curious George.

I love just saying the title (and please note, the author states this is not for kids)!  You can head over to the author’s (Andrew Simonian) Kickstarter page if you want to help him out to get more copies of this book published.  I love that book stores and people embrace these new ways of presenting all the different varieties of people, relationships and families.  We are truly in a time where there is no such thing as the conventional family or relationship anymore and I just love that!

And if you don’t agree with this, then best you move along from this blog.  No point in sharing your disapproval here because I believe in love that comes in all forms.  If it’s love, it don’t matter who’s giving it to who.  That goes for bisexual monkeys too.

Yay for bi-curious George!

bicurious george

Head over to Andrew’s Kickstarter page and watch his video that goes over the history of the book and why he created it.



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  1. I knew someone in college who was nicknamed George (for bi-curious George), so this makes me giggle! Love the idea.

  2. I just admire you for you saying “And if you don’t agree with this, then best you move along from this blog” so much! And great idea for a book. I think we need to learn to think about diversity and books will play a key role on such a process.

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