Complaints from sucky neighbours force nine-year-old to shut down his free library

Spencer Collins had to take down his free library in his front yard because of two complaints the city received from neighbours (who obviously don’t believe in sharing, educating and promoting open-mindedness).  Spencer had set up a neat little library where people could “take a book, leave a book”.  You will note the tiny, cute, little library housing those books.  Would you believe that he had to take it down because it wasn’t a structure that was attached to the house – and therefore is a code violation?

Are your eyes rolling like mine?  Are you suddenly crying out loud saying “but that thing?  It is so tiny – it’s not even a structure!”   Yes, look at its size and revel in the idiocy of this situation.  Roll it around in your mind and ponder the stupidity and absurdity.  If fact, let’s go through that entire neighbourhood and see what else we can complain about.  Oh, that bird house is too big!  Oh, wait, is that a fort your kids built?  Hey, did you get a permit to put that little toy playhouse there?

Spencer Collins and his cute little library

Spencer Collins and his cute little library

You know what really gets to me?  What really pisses me right off?  It’s that someone complained in the first place.  It leaves me incredulous that a person was so put out by this (even though it was causing them no harm) that they made the decision to complain about a 9 year old boy’s willingness to share and build community.  I’m about to start swearing my face off because a reading warrior, book loving kid only wants to share his love of books through his own, free library with others and some stupid, sucky people complained to the city and now he has to take it down.  The swears are coming….I can’t hold them back….

To the people who complained: I give you a “what the fuck?” mixed with a “go fuck yourself” ending with a dramatic middle finger salute.

All is not lost though, Spencer continues to have his library but has moved it to the garage.  Away from the eyes of the nothing-makes-them-happy-so-they-have-to-find-some-way-to-ruin-someone-else’s-joy fellow “neighbours”.

Am I being hard on these people who complained to the city?  Hell no!  I am a book girl, a book warrior, a reading raven!  It is my duty to champion my fellow book lovers against the minds of those still stuck in the dark ages.  And champion I will!  Threaten books and the lioness will show her claws.

Spencer Collins – I salute you!

And Spencer, if you read this…I’m sorry for swearing.


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  1. That’s so sad. I would be thrilled if a child in my community put forth that much thought and effort in something they were passionate about. People can be such dream squashers. Good for Spencer in not giving up.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous. I am so thrilled every time I come across a Free Little Library. Who are these morons? And why doesn’t his town/village/city pass an exception to the ordinance. Ridiculous.

  3. GO SPENCER GO! You are a compassionate kid and deserve honor.

  4. There is so much more going on in this world to complain about and these idiots want to complain about a kid trying to share his love of reading??? They need to get a life!

  5. Books – it is amazing just how scared people are of books! It’s like they’re full of ideas and who know where that sort of thing leads?

  6. We have a neighbor who’s like this, and she’s caused all sorts of havoc on our street. She’s harassed people to the point where charges were pressed against her and she was arrested (the whole neighborhood came out to watch, lol). Some people are just nasty.

    I’m glad he’s still doing his library, in spite of everything he’s had to deal with!

  7. What a great kid!!! I’m glad these idiots haven’t put him off trying to share his love of reading. It’s just a shame that the library is now relegated to the garage where not as many people will see it. Keep loving books Spencer!!

  8. Stories like this make me so mad. Some people are just pathetic. People love to complain about how kids supposedly all cause trouble and don’t read and have no interest in helping their community – but then those who try to do something good get no support. I’ve seen similar stories where neighbours complain about kids playing outside, despite the fact that everyone thinks kids ought to get more exercise.

  9. We can’t change a handful of people but we can get behind each other and be vocal for the majority who are doing great things. Eventually, those cranky-pants will learn to keep their mouths shut.

  10. This is really upsetting, children with this kind of imagination, creativity and sense of sharing and community should be endlessly encouraged, not shut down by Debby Downers! I am so glad that he has persisted by keeping his Library in the garage, but I hope something can be done so he can bring it back out into the light.

  11. craftypalooza

    Stupid people! *gives Spencer the 3-finger salute* these

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