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Book Cover Gallery – 4th Edition

Let’s take another stroll through the Book Cover Gallery, shall we?

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski – Oh God, a boy and his dog on the cover?  Sold.  The faded image grabbed my heart immediately and without even cracking it open I was almost teary.  Doesn’t the dog look like he is checking out the area, protecting his boy?  The story is a beautiful love story, between people and between the animals that are part of our lives.  In particular it is about a boy who seems to be most understood by his dogs.

edgar sawtelle by david wroblewski

The River King by Alice Hoffman – Normally this is a book cover that I would pass on by, but something really grabbed me about it.  First off I had noticed the halo that seemed to surround the swan.  It leads one to believe there is an ethereal quality to this book – which there definitely is.  That image, along with the title has me tingling with the promise of a beautiful, supernatural story.  But the image is also very sad – there is such a lonely feel to the swan swimming alone.

the river king by alice hoffman

Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism by David Nickle – Oh God, run! They will do horrible things to you if they find you!

Sorry, this book is some disturbing, scary shit.  You can tell right away by the cover.  I don’t trust that girl.  She has weird, alien eyes.  She looks like she wants to eat me.  She looks ancient and terrible.  That  cover stared menacingly at me from the book shelf in the store.  It creeped me right the f*@$ out.

So I bought it.

Not necessarily a beautiful book cover to hang on your wall but damn, it’s imagery is chilling.

eutopia by david nickle

The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill – This cover appeals to me in two ways.  One, it stirs something within my heart.  Sadness? Compassion?  I don’t know but I need to know.  The eyes, oh those ancient, deep, eyes.  What have they been a witness to?  What have those knowing eyes seen?  There is a story to be told with those eyes alone.  Why is the other half of the face covered?  What is this person hiding?  Or are they being hid from us?  So many questions to be answered, this book cover is inviting us to find out.

The second appeal is that it also looks like a history book.  It looks official and important.  If we read this, we will learn something.  That’s what this cover promises.

(Interesting side note: This book is called The Book of Negroes in Canada but is called Someone Knows My Name in the United States.  Interesting…)

book of negroes

Last one for today’s post – The Age of Ice by J.M. Sidorova

I haven’t read this one yet, it’s one I recently picked up and did so due to its cover – then the summary sold it for me.  The cover looks so still to me.  I live in a province that experiences, long and coooold winters.  But there is nothing like a soft snow fall in the middle of the night, the snow twinkling under the moon’s light.  It is beautiful and calming in those moments.  This cover gives me a sense of that wonder and yet…it feels lonely and pained.  No matter how beautiful a cold, snowing evening might look, one never forgets that underneath that beauty is a chill that can hurt.


As always, I am interested in seeing the book covers that get you readers nodding and mmm-hmmming in pleasure.


Book Cover Gallery – 3rd Edition

Let’s take another walk through the hallways of book cover art shall we? It’s been awhile and there are some covers I’ve very keen on talking about. (Does anyone say keen anymore other than me?)


wool by hugh howeyWool by Hugh Howey – Again, red naturally catches my eye. It’s a power colour and so when I see it as the majority colour of a book cover my instinct is that it is going to be one awesome story. (My instinct isn’t always correct.) When I looked closer I admit the title really got me intrigued. I couldn’t tell if the cover was messy, if there was a fire that was pixelated…but as the title suggests, it looks like something is being covered. A cover up! Wool is a suspenseful story of a post-apocalyptic future where all that is left of humanity is living together in a silo buried into the ground miles and miles deep. So now the cover makes more sense – is that blood and soil mixed together? So many questions, which is exactly what this story raises as you read throughout.


icy sparks by Gwyn Hyman RubioIcy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio – Where is that little girl heading?  It certainly is the question I had in my head when I saw this cover.  The road forward into the unknown definitely signifies a journey, and if there is one thing I love in stories, it’s a journey of growth and evolution.  Icy Sparks is a fantastic character, a young girl who is ostracized for being different due to her illness.  You look at that cover of that wee, little girl and can’t help but get overwhelmed for her – look ahead, a huge path lays before her and beyond that?  Who knows?  That is what is compelling about this cover.  This little girl seems undaunted by the unknown and moves ever onward.  When I looked at this cover I knew this little girl was going to have a spirit and the author doesn’t disappoint.  I also love the icy hues of the colour of this book.  Obviously, a great match for the name.


Headhunter by Timothy Findley – I recently came across Headhunter again and headhunter by timothy findleyremember why I picked it up in the first place.  It has been years since I last read this and forgot about it until I saw it again in a bookstore.  This cover affects me as much now as it did then.  It just kind of looks  – crazy.   When I first saw it appealed to me because of the hint of imagination that comes across.  There is a sense of distortion and disconnect when you look at this cover and the story delivers on that in every aspect, from its dystopian environment to the character of Lilah who thinks she might have released doom upon they world through the freeing of the character of Kurtz from the novel, Heart of Darkness.  Crazy?  Maybe, and that’s what I love about this cover.  It gives you that sense of crazy and something….unsettling.


the heretics daughter by kathleen kentThe Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent – I saw this cover and had two simultaneous reactions; getting the chills and feeling sad.  The girl looks haunted.  Or am I feeling haunted by the look of her?  She also looks aged, like she has been through trauma and tragedy.  The Heretic’s Daughter is about the Salem Witch Trials.  Combine that topic with the sad, tired face of this little girl and I’m sold.  I have not read this yet having just bought it but I can already tell, tears and anguish are straight ahead.


boy's life by robert mccammonBoy’s Life by Robert McCammon – One of my favourite books of all time.  This book has seen many covers but this one is my favourite as it captures the spirit of the story perfectly.  We are allowed a glimpse, it seems, into the life of this boy we see riding away from us on a bicycle.  It is hard to tell if he is riding at sunset or at dawn, but it doesn’t matter as both are times when the veil between this world and another is at its thinnest, it is a time when young girls and boys can dream up worlds and adventure beyond their wildest dreams.  It is a time when secrets are revealed to those who have the bravest hearts.

Book Cover Gallery – #2

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted.  Life is busy, good busy but I do miss blogging!  So to get back at it, here is a second installment of one of my favourite things about books – book covers!


Life of Pi by Yann Martel – This cover grabbed me in seconds.  First of all the title alone caught my attention, but then there was that breath-holding minute of pulling the book from the shelf to look at the front and viola!  What colours!  The images told me immediately that there would be exoticness to this story, that I was in for something new, something unimagined, something from a far off land.  And that is what the story delivered – I don’t recall ever being so enamored with a story.  The story of Pi and the animals trapped with him on a small boat – beautiful and tender.  It was so well told I believed every word.  (I cannot wait to see this movie!)






When She Woke by Hillary Jordan – My eye is naturally drawn to black, red and white.  I love that combination – so stark, dramatic and seductive.  When She Woke is a re-telling of The Scarlet Letter (you can read my review of it here).  I loved this cover as soon as I saw it.  The red of the woman intrigued me.  And why were her eyes covered?  Did she have something to hide?  Along with the title I was hooked and reading the synopsis was just a default.  I knew I was buying it when I saw it.  This is one of the covers I would love to have as art on my wall (and would if I didn’t believe ripping the covers off of books was like ripping out the soul from a human’s body – tell me, there must be a place where you can order book covers as posters).





The Red Tent by Anita Diamant – Another thing that catches my eye regarding book covers is when women are featured on the cover.  Usually (not always) it is a good indication that the story is centred around a great female character.  The Red Tent certainly doesn’t disappoint.  God, this woman looks like she is in some type of ecstasy – or is it anguish?  Is there a difference?  And the scenery behind her, so dramatic and epic – it matches the look on her face.  This cover matches the story perfectly – the story of Dinah, mentioned briefly in the bible only once.  I love books that tell biblical stories with a gutsy twist and this one was one of my favourites.





Fallen by David Maine – I was really intrigued by the cover.  Two cherub like beings fighting amidst a black backdrop.  I liked how the title and author’s name was falling as well.  I felt the cover was hinting at either a really quirky story or a very unhappy one.  It was both.  Fallen is another re-telling of a biblical story, this one of Adam and Eve and their two sons, Cain and Abel.  It is disturbing, gross, uncomfortable and downright offensive at times and I. LOVED. IT!  A unique telling of Adam and Eve.







The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon – I loved this cover immediately.  The full red, the upside down dog, the simple font of the title.  Everything screamed that this would be a fresh story, a unique experience, an imaginative read.  And it was.  The voice of the story is that of a 15-year-old autistic boy who is hot on the trail of a mystery.  Who he meets and the experiences he has are both funny, thoughtful and filled with meaning.







Well thanks for taking a walk with me through the book cover gallery.  Until the next time!

Would love to know what book covers are eye candy for your soul.

Book Cover Gallery – #1

Awhile back I posted my reasoning regarding why I judge book covers.  I was looking through some older books of mine today and again was admiring some of the beautiful cover art.  So I am adding a new installment to this blog – Book Cover Gallery – where I will showcase some of my favourite book covers and why I love them (I might also throw in the odd stinker of a cover as well).  I originally had these covers as part of another post but decided they deserved to be highlighted on their own.


The Dragon and the Unicorn by A.A. Attanasio – first off, the yin/yang of the dragon and unicorn caught my eye.  As I said in this previous review – I first read this story at the beginning of a spiritual journey and to have a cover that just exploded with spirituality had me sold.  Once I read the story I understood even more the symbolism of the cover.  The dragon and the unicorn exist in the story and indeed represent a strong theme of duality that it seems every character tries to come to terms with.  I don’t have any tattoos but if I ever got one, this would be it.

The Child Thief by Brom – the author is also an artist and the cover is his beautiful creation of Peter Pan.  If you decide to read this book be prepared; it is dark, horrifying, tragic and absolutely enthralling.  That image of Peter just stirs up a cold, uncertainty in myself.  I am repulsed yet intrigued, attracted yet scared….

Abarat by Clive Barker.  This is a YA novel and I loved every bit of it.  Doesn’t the cover just scream out adventure into the unknown?  Even the title can be read the same backwards – to me this tells me to expect the unexpected.  Barker himself is an artist and this cover depicts his art from the world of Abarat.  The characters (and the story) are just as colourful as the cover.

The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch – this cover was on the translated edition (translated by Lee Chadeayne).  I loved the cover immediately for it’s quirky, dark and mysterious nature (salted with a bit of the comical?) – and that is exactly what the story delivered.  Plus, I am naturally drawn to black, white and red art.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen – this cover just grabbed the nostalgia in me.  It felt so sad but so familiar, I immediately was intrigued.  It felt like there was a secret within, something shameful hence the man disappearing behind the tent wall.  (The story was okay, it didn’t blow me away or hook me like the cover did, but I was glad I read it if only for the elephant in the story.)

Want an example of a cover that I thought was awful but bought anyway because the summary of the story intrigued me and the first page caught my interest?

The Thirteen by Susie Moloney.  God I dislike this cover (but loved the story).  First off, it looks like Michelle Pfieffer so it took awhile before I could stop picturing her throughout the story and secondly I couldn’t decide if the cover wanted to be a romance, a fantasy or cheesy chic-lit.  The story was so much more than the cover – it was well done, had a poetic beauty to it and some great characters.  I feel the story deserves a better cover than this.  And then a friend showed me her copy with a completely different cover (and a way more intriguing one might I add).

<-The cover I have that I can’t stand.  The swirly swirls don’t match the cold look in her eyes.  This cover makes no sense at all.

<- The cover my friend has which is the far more superior cover in my opinion.  I tried to get her to trade with me but she refused.

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