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Humour – it’s always a lovely thing

What would we do with out humour?  Without laughter?

My favourite people are the poeple who have a great sense of humour about life and about themselves, they don’t take themselves seriously.

I don’t take myself seriously.  I amuse myself frankly.  I’m an earth loving, hippy love spouting, techno-geek, book snob, introverted, quantum activist.  That’s a belly full of laughs.

But I especially like book humour so here’s some fun things to go through.

May your day be filled with humour, may you laugh easily and mostly at yourself.

The 20 Stages of Reading by Lynda Barry (click on the link or picture to be taken to the entire slide):

20 stages reading lynda barry


reading humour_n


stephen king little reading






This post brought to you by the letter H and the A to Z Challenge.


Assume the appropriate reading position

The picture speaks for itself.  Love it.  Created by Warby Parker.


reading positions

(click on the image to enlarge)

A Book Lover’s Prayer

From one book lover to another – may books be ever plentiful in your life.

book lover's prayer

10 things people say that annoy the hell out of a book lover

I know I haven’t captured all of them so please leave a comment for ones I’ve missed.

10 things people say that annoy the hell out of a book lover

How do you know if you are suffering from bibliophilism?

What’s bibliophilism?  The clinical definition is having a love of books.  So how do you know if you are suffering from a good case of bibliophilism?  By checking the chart below!


An introvert’s guide for people who want to make guides for introverts

I’ve read all the ‘survival guides’ written for the introverted personality.  The holiday survival guides, the info-graphic guides, the business guides – and I’ve noticed a theme.  They all tend to portray introverts either as fragile beings, snobs or aliens from another planet.  While I understand these so-called guides are created in fun and with good intentions, I can’t help but feel they still subtly support the stereotypes surrounding introverts.  I can’t also help but feel that they are serving to create yet another divide between people, and I, as a proud introvert, just don’t roll that way.  We all are just people after all.

So, I decided to do the only logical thing at this point – make my own.


introverts guide for people who want to make guides about introverts - geeky book snob

10 Reasons Introverts and Books are BFF’s

I give you 10 reasons why introverts and books go together like peanut butter and jelly.

10 reasons introverts and books are bff's - geeky book snob

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