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Pausing to Taste Such a Beautiful Word


I have learned this word for the first time today.

Vellichor is the “the strange wistfulness of used bookstores”.

Who among us, the readers, have not experienced this? Now there is a word for it.  Thankfully, it is a beautiful word that adds even more delight to that wistfullness…..




Image found on

10 Reasons Introverts and Books are BFF’s

I’m sharing an oldie (but a goodie).  I’ve been away from blogging for awhile (got involved in a civic election!)  But wanted to share something today so thought I would share one of my most popular posts.

I give you 10 reasons why introverts and books go together like peanut butter and jelly.

10 reasons introverts and books are bff's - geeky book snob

My life is complete – I can now read in a torrential downpour

I can read anywhere, any way.  In a moving car, soaking in the bath, while walking, while carrying on a conversation, in a noisy cafe, in a theatre waiting for the show to start – you name it.  But the places I can’t read?  The pouring rain, in a shower or swimming in the ocean.  As a book lover and avid reader, I want to be able to read wherever I want whenever I want but who wants soggy pages?  I don’t want to ruin my book like that.

But now I am free!  Truly free!  Introducing the You-Bumi!  A plastic bubble for a book!


What innovation!  And how adorbs – two little holes to stick your thumbs in while you enjoy reading that amazing book in the shower.


There are no more obstacles to my book reading life!  The only thing that could stop me is if those two little thumb holes are too small for my Brachydactyly Type D thumbs.

Fantasy Novels Deconstructed – an Infographic

An oldie but a goodie – the folks over at Paste put this little geeky treasure together and I ate it up.

Whether it’s a story filled with adventure and heroic deeds or a fantasy land with a side of romance—any of these classic fantasy novels might just be worth the quest.

For your reading pleasure:


The Drinkable Book – Water is Life

This is a must watch.

A book has been created that not only gives tips on how to make water safe for drinking, but it in itself is a water filter.  Theresa Dankovich is the scientist who invented a paper that purifies drinking water.  Each paper in this book is capable of giving someone up to 30 days of clean water and it costs only pennies to make.

If there is anything you are going to watch today – watch this.  Technology meets innovation meets social movement – can we all high five each other?

For more information and how to provide these books to people in need, please visit Water Is Life.

Soothing the animal loving & book loving soul

I can die now because this is happening somewhere in the world:

animal rescue league of berks county


Children (grades 1-8) who are able to read are volunteering their time by reading to shelter cats.  This program is to help socialize the cats and get them adoption ready.  Can we all shed a collective tear of happiness?

How beautiful is this?  Two of my all time favourite things together in one place – cats and books.

Yes, I can sleep well tonight knowing this is happening.

Read more about this program on the Animal Rescue League website.

Codex Seraphinianus (or what Tolkien might have created should he have taken acid)

I’ve heard about this book before (and seen some images) but it was my friend who sent me this article reminding me that such awesomeness exists (and that you could download said awesomeness).  The Codex Seraphinianus is a visual encyclopedia of an imaginary world created by Italian artist Luigi Serafini.  You might even recognize some images from it and never have known it belonged to this mysterious book.

As the article says, you can download it here and see all the imagery for yourself.



Take my word and download it, you won’t regret the weirdness throughout.

Anyone want a Thursday chuckle?


This picture brought to you by today’s day of the week; Thursday.



From Tastefully Offensive

Smaug comes ripping out of the pages of The Hobbit

Combine art, with books with one of the best stories ever and you get this awesome piece of art.



This amazing creation is by Far Too Many Ideas over at DeviantArt.  There are more pictures to be seen there.

Sigh, the little girl in me just squeeled.

If I didn’t fear clowns before, I kinda do now

Have you seen this?!

Pennywise lives!: Stephen King’s evil Clown seen haunting Northampton’s streets

I haven’t been this creeped out since the cover of Eutopia stared at me in the book store.

I read IT when I was in my early teens and that son-of-a-bitch clown was terrifying.  The television show based on Stephen King’s novel, not so terrifying, but Pennywise played by Tim Curry WAS.

That’s the brilliance behind Pennywise, you take a wonderful childhood icon and throw in some sharp teeth, a psychotic mind and a taste for the blood of children, and you have Pennywise.  We are all secretly afraid of clowns, aren’t we?

Ah, but the child within is squealing with terrified glee – there is something magical about being afraid isn’t there?  Admit it.  No?  Just me?  Okay, well I might have to see a professional for that then.

But let’s take another look – we are heading towards Halloween after all.

Creepy Clown stalks UK town


I might just pee my pants if I saw this standing outside on my street at night.

But you all haven’t come here for the scare-fest – you have come here to learn something.  So here you go.

Coulrophobic.  The fear of clowns.  Now sleep well my pretties.

creepy clown of northampton


Not all clowns are creepy and I don’t mean to generalize.  Many clowns have been known to bring laughter and smiles to children.  Many people have made a good living as a clown.  Clowns help support our economy.

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