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A Thought from the Bookshelf

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Going on vacation to explore? Pffft – going on vacation to read! More Thoughts From the Bookshelf





Judgement – the Book Snob type

When I say book snob, I mean it in the most affectionate way possible.  To me being a book snob is about enjoying the finer things in life – like reading.  Reading is a fine thing.  Being a book snob is not about only reading a certain genre (although I steer way the hell clear of romance).  Being a book snob is preferring a book over other forms of entertainment and sometimes other people (come on readers – admit it).

Books are like wine – you can get wasted on them.  And as a connoisseur of books I can be known to question the book recommendations of others.  I realize this is a form of judgement, I accept that.  I also realize that I need to write a blog post with a topic starting with the letter J and this is the best I could come up with (creative juices went sour today).

I also accept that others may not take my recommendations to heart and I am more than okay with that.

So with judgement and book snobbery in mind – here’s another Thought from the Bookshelf – for the book snob in all of us.

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This blog post brought to you by the letter J and the A to Z Challenge.

Thoughts from the Bookshelf – Saturday March 22

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Saturday thoughts from the bookshelf

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Hell for a reader

Thoughts from the bookshelf…..


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