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The Moontide Series

David Hair is the author of The Moontide Series, a story that I absolutely ravished mages blood david hair(three are out now, the fourth and final is coming out in October 2015). Consider these books the meat, and I the lioness.

Mage’s Blood, Scarlet Tides and, Unholy War is a story with many themes; politics and those hungry for power, war (and those hungry for power), magic (and those…you get the point). For fans of George R. Martin and Guy Gavriel Kay, this series should satisfy the palette.


A Leviathan Bridge connects two worlds, rising every so many years. This bridge was created by a Magi who hoped for peace and prosperity between West and East. But the West is corrupted by power and wages war on the East. The East, however, is taking a stand. Throughout these two worlds are those with magic – the Magi who use the Gnosis to cast their magic (a necklace of sorts that allows Magi to focus their power).  Some are hungry for power and are poisoned by arrogance, others fight for peace and see all as equals.

scarlet tidesYeah, a pretty generic summary – that sounds like almost every fantasy book written. But what stood out for me is how well thought out the grab for power and political shuffling is throughout the story. It is a series that is dotted with excellent characters of all shades, diversity and values. It took me about 4 chapters to get sucked in.  The beginning spends quite a bit of time introducing you to the main characters, but the wait was worth it.  Once I knew the characters and saw the threads in the story that connected them all, I turned each page breathlessly.  You would have to be blind to not see the parallels to our present day society and this constant bid for war.  What this series has that we in the real world do not, is magic.  And thank God.  Great evil is done with magic throughout these books, I shudder to think what we would do to each other if that was true for us.

This series has something for everyone; memorable female AND male characters, love, humour, sexiness, epic scenes of battle, horrific atrocities and vivid fights with magic.

Two downsides: The sex scenes throughout are too similar to each other, the male and female playing fairly stereotypical roles.  The author also shies away from using words like vagina – so instead you get words like ‘mound’.  Oh so sexy.

The other downside? It ended.  Now I have to wait until October for the fourth and unholy war david hairfinal one.


Elena Anborn – An assassin for one side turned protector for the other. Elena’s thoughts, values and conscience change as she journeys through the story.  She is a strong, athletic woman in her early 40’s who is a warrior half-blood Mage. She is kind, mean, hot-tempered, suspicious, intelligent, brave, selfish and nurturing.  She is all things and not stamped by one label. I appreciate the author writing such a multi-hued heroine who is often stronger, smarter and more adept than most of the men in the story.

My Feels:

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What’s on your holiday reading list?

Ermahgerd – it’s December.

And with December comes people and partying and gatherings and baking and gift wrapping.  When’s a girl going to find time to read?

But find time I will and I would love to know what’s either a) on your holiday reading list right now or b) what books you are asking for Christmas.

Give it to me in the comments below.  Let’s see if I can expand my reading world.


Hey ladies, wanna laugh and cry at the same time?

Hey readers and champions of all things intelligent, smart and sane – you gotta hop on over to author and writer Pamela Ribon’s site and read through her hilarious smack-down of the of the amusing yet soberingly-depressing book Barbie – I Can Be a Computer Engineer.

I both laughed and cried at the same time.  It was fun.

barbie computer engineer

I am completely reconsidering my stance on wanting a Bookworm Barbie – she probably wouldn’t be able to read without the help of Ken.


update!  If you want a hand at making this book read out how it should have from the beginning – head on over to Feminist Hacker Barbie.

10 Reasons Introverts and Books are BFF’s

I’m sharing an oldie (but a goodie).  I’ve been away from blogging for awhile (got involved in a civic election!)  But wanted to share something today so thought I would share one of my most popular posts.

I give you 10 reasons why introverts and books go together like peanut butter and jelly.

10 reasons introverts and books are bff's - geeky book snob

“Kids know that this is the book that makes adults have to say silly things”





At once perfectly simple and ingeniously imaginative, The Book With No Pictures inspires laughter every time it is opened, creating a warm and joyous experience to share—and introducing young children to the powerful idea that the written word can be an unending source of mischief and delight.

Harry Potter visualized – this is gonna take awhile

Woh!  I am probably late seeing this but….WOH!  The entire Harry Potter series visualized in one chart.  Print this out, put it on a wall in the bathroom and you’ve got great bathroom reading material for awhile!


by artist Lucy Knisley

It’s not a zero-sum game – it’s an infinate game – Seth Godin

I love this man.

I love his brain and his thoughts and I love that he puts that down on paper, into words.  I love how he connects everything with everything.  If you aren’t reading Seth Godin, now is the time.

In fact, let me help you.  He wrote a blog post today about competition and because he related it to books and authors it was the perfect post to share with you today.

I’ve been away from this blog for and I’ve missed it but summer called and I answered.  So as we are about to ease into September, let’s start with Seth.

Why don’t authors compete?

There’s an apocryphal story of a guy who went for his final interview for a senior post at Coca-Cola. At dinner, he ordered a Pepsi. He didn’t get the job.

And most packaged goods companies would kill to be the only product on the shelf, to own the category in a given store.

Yet, not only do authors get along, they spend time and energy blurbing each other’s books. Authors don’t try to eliminate others from the shelf, in fact, they seek out the most crowded shelves they can find to place their books. They eagerly pay to read what everyone else is writing…

Read the rest of Seth’s post here.

Seth Godin books

Woman – An Anthology – A collection of stories supporting women with breast cancer

Woman, An Anthology has been a project 3 years in the making and look at the list of amazing authors it boasts.  In this anthology you will find stories these authors have written highlighting and celebrating women.

  • Stephen King
  • Alice Munro
  • Peter S. Beagle
  • Lynn Coady
  • Peter O’Donnell
  • Robert E. Howard
  • Van Kunder
  • Emma LaRocque
  • Charles de Lint
  • M C Joudrey
  • Anaïs Nin

We who love to read and who likely have all had women in our lives touched by cancer (if not ourselves) can help make this book happen because once it does, proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada (“Once produced, the book will be made for sale in retail bookstores with proceeds from the sales of the book to be donated entirely to breast cancer research”).

Let’s make it happen!

Women – An Anthology Kickstarter Page

My life is complete – I can now read in a torrential downpour

I can read anywhere, any way.  In a moving car, soaking in the bath, while walking, while carrying on a conversation, in a noisy cafe, in a theatre waiting for the show to start – you name it.  But the places I can’t read?  The pouring rain, in a shower or swimming in the ocean.  As a book lover and avid reader, I want to be able to read wherever I want whenever I want but who wants soggy pages?  I don’t want to ruin my book like that.

But now I am free!  Truly free!  Introducing the You-Bumi!  A plastic bubble for a book!


What innovation!  And how adorbs – two little holes to stick your thumbs in while you enjoy reading that amazing book in the shower.


There are no more obstacles to my book reading life!  The only thing that could stop me is if those two little thumb holes are too small for my Brachydactyly Type D thumbs.

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