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What’s on your holiday reading list?

Ermahgerd – it’s December.

And with December comes people and partying and gatherings and baking and gift wrapping.  When’s a girl going to find time to read?

But find time I will and I would love to know what’s either a) on your holiday reading list right now or b) what books you are asking for Christmas.

Give it to me in the comments below.  Let’s see if I can expand my reading world.



We wants it precious

I love books – enthusiastically, overwhelmingly, unapologetically.  For the most part the book snob in me remains calm, cool, aloof and sophisticated but once in a while, the book geek in me squeals like a little girl.  I’ve found some items today that have me fan-girling like a 12-year-old watching a video of Justin Bieber.

Portal Bookends

If you read my post on How I Opened a Wormhole Simply by Reading you will know why I am digging these bookends from Think Geek.

T-shirt for the book snob in all of us.

I. Want. This. Shirt.  How many times have I annoyed my friends by saying this?  I would love to wear this to any movie we go to that is based on a book I’ve read.  That way, I don’t have to say a word.  Also from

Bathtub book caddy. 

Yes.  Yes.  I need this.  I always read in the bath.  In fact, I take a bath FOR the purpose of reading.  Who needs to be clean?  I just need a quiet, relaxing atmosphere!  This is the perfect gift for any book lover.  I also love the added touch of the glass of wine.  The book snob in me is pleased.  From The Literary Gift Company.

Personal Library Kit

Is it wrong to get excited about this item?  My own library kit?  How many times have I lost books because of lending them out?  I know books should be shared and blah, blah, blah but once in a while I lend out a book that I love.  Madly.  Losing that book hurts.  Like the recent loss of Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.  My husband left it at…*sob*…a car repair shop.  It’s gone now so some introvert somewhere is enjoying it.  From

The Neverending Story t-shirt

I just love anything to do with The Neverending Story so I’m easy to please there.  But I do love this t-shirt especially.   There are a lot of amazing book related t-shirts at

I think I’m going to save this page as my husband’s desktop wallpaper.  Christmas will be here before you know it.

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