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Ok, so my writing could use a little work

According to this infographic on common blog writing mistakes – I’ve got quite a bit to learn eh?  With those run on sentences and, using, commas in the most inappropriate places and such.  However, in regards to my writing, I am of the opinion that, why, yes, it could be better.

You still like me though right?

Some good points and advice!




Harry Potter visualized – this is gonna take awhile

Woh!  I am probably late seeing this but….WOH!  The entire Harry Potter series visualized in one chart.  Print this out, put it on a wall in the bathroom and you’ve got great bathroom reading material for awhile!


by artist Lucy Knisley

Fantasy Novels Deconstructed – an Infographic

An oldie but a goodie – the folks over at Paste put this little geeky treasure together and I ate it up.

Whether it’s a story filled with adventure and heroic deeds or a fantasy land with a side of romance—any of these classic fantasy novels might just be worth the quest.

For your reading pleasure:


Giving real world perspective to the Game of Thrones – Infographic from The Daily Dot

The cool people over at The Daily Dot have done a nerd-tastic thing!  They’ve created a visual to try to put some perspective to geography in The Game of Throne series (such as comparing the size and population of the United States to Westeros).

Thank you Daily Dot from all us book lover / T.V lovers of this awesome series.


daily dot true size of seven kingdoms

You can pull each section of this infographic in closer for a more detailed look by going to their site.

Just a post that has to do with book related stuff

Oh hey there!  How are you today?  Thanks for stopping by and checking out this post.  Just some, you know, stuff about books.

Tardis bookshelf.  You want this.  I know you do.  I do.

tardis bookshelf

The smallest book in the world – otherwise known as the Mini Book of Major Events.  Read the rest of the book at the link.

mini book of major events

Now go and check out the 5 Reading Rules for Book Lovers of All Ages over at the Reading Rainbow blog.  They are sweet and right on the nose.

Ok, done reading the 5 Reading Rules for Book Lovers?  Well then, why not end your time on this blog by perusing through this infographic and find out which books predicted the future (snatched up from The Digital Reader):


Infographic – Reading Saves Lives People!

I love infographics.  A fun way to get information in one, quick, easy spot.

I especially love this one.

Reading decreases stress – we readers have known that without really knowing that.  Which is why we love it so much.  It is a way to relax, come down, let go.

Reading literally saves a life:

Created in partnership by the National Reading Campaign (Canada) and CBC


(click on the infographic for a larger image)

Created in partnership by the National Reading Campaign (Canada) and CBC.


This post brought to you by the letter I and the A to Z Challenge.

Hipsters and their books

I LOVE this infographic/flowchart made by Goodreads blogger Patrick.  The Hipster Lit Flowchart is teasing fun for the book snob (or hipster) in all of us.

Hats off to you Patrick.

To review the full infographic go to Goodreads Blog.


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