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Just a post that has to do with book related stuff

Oh hey there!  How are you today?  Thanks for stopping by and checking out this post.  Just some, you know, stuff about books.

Tardis bookshelf.  You want this.  I know you do.  I do.

tardis bookshelf

The smallest book in the world – otherwise known as the Mini Book of Major Events.  Read the rest of the book at the link.

mini book of major events

Now go and check out the 5 Reading Rules for Book Lovers of All Ages over at the Reading Rainbow blog.  They are sweet and right on the nose.

Ok, done reading the 5 Reading Rules for Book Lovers?  Well then, why not end your time on this blog by perusing through this infographic and find out which books predicted the future (snatched up from The Digital Reader):



Reading Rainbow – Inappropriate Reviews


Oh, how cute it is when children give their reviews on their favourite books. It’s even more fun if the reviews are books that no child should be reading (or can’t read). I also am sharing this because I want to give love to the improv group who put this together – Hot Thespian Action. They are from Winnipeg, my hometown so I wanna show them some Winnipeg love. Happy Friday!

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