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Fantasy Novels Deconstructed – an Infographic

An oldie but a goodie – the folks over at Paste put this little geeky treasure together and I ate it up.

Whether it’s a story filled with adventure and heroic deeds or a fantasy land with a side of romance—any of these classic fantasy novels might just be worth the quest.

For your reading pleasure:



What Are They Reading? The Kili edition

What’s with all your Hobbit and Lord of the Rings posts for this feature?  Jeez, can’t you pick someone else from another book?  You do realize that Kili wasn’t even much of a feature in the original Hobbit book right?

Well, yes I do realize that.  Obviously I am using the easy-on-the-eyes Peter Jackson version of Kili and not the book version or the what-the-hell-is-that Rankin-Bass version of Kili.  This will be my last one from the world of Tolkien okay?!  Just allow me a girl crush moment will ya?  Jeez.

Next to Bilbo and Gandalf in the Hobbit film, the next most interesting character to me was Kili (yes, even more than Thorin).  Considering he was the youngest of the royal blood line and that he seemed more head-in-the-clouds and more non-traditional than the other dwarves, I found him the most intriguing.  (And maybe, just maybe, the actor who played him had something to do with it.)

Dark, brooding and sultry Peter Jackson version of Kili (Aidan Turner)

Dark, brooding and sultry Peter Jackson version of Kili (Aidan Turner)

The I-don't-really-know-what-that-is-but-man-is-it-adorable Rankin-Bass version of Kili

The I-don’t-really-know-what-that-is-but-man-is-it-adorable Rankin-Bass version of Kili














So I had to know, what would Kili be reading?

the complete book of elves


By Colin McComb

It becomes clear in the second installment of the Hobbit trilogy; Kili has a thing for elves.  And, being the young dwarf that he is, he is going to want to know as much as he can about them.  But Kili is also smart – what do you think he and his brother do in all the down time on their journey?  Why, play Dungeons and Dragons of course!  What young dwarf dreaming of adventure wouldn’t?  He’s found a way to learn as much as he can about elves, without being obvious.

An excerpt: Our lives are long and filled with happiness, for we recognize the impermanence of all things, excepting ourselves. Indeed, we do not suffer death as do the mortals. Only through violence, accident, or disease do we die at all. Although we vanish from the ken of mortal knowledge after hundreds of years of existence in this plane, you may rest assured that we continue elsewhere. Even those who perish on the battlefield do not truly die, but instead become part of the earth’s cycle of growth and rebirth. Our spirits linger on, for we are intimately tied to the world and its core. Indeed, we are the integral part of that core.


9780762406319_p0_v1_s260x420DATING FOR DUMMIES

By Dr. Joy Browne

It seems, from watching Kili on-screen, that he doesn’t have much experience out in the world.  Which means, he wouldn’t have much experience with women period.  Let’s cut him a little slack for having this book on hand.

An excerpt:  Dating is about two people who are interested in one another and want to get together at a specific time and place. We’re not talking rocket science here. Since the original fix-up — you know, the one between Adam and Eve (who had the advantage of the ultimate Matchmaker) — dating has evolved. 





By Bart King

Being one of the youngest in the company and the most lighthearted, Kili comes across as – well – naive if not endearing.  His youthful zeal would be a welcome on any long journey however, it would be that mischievous light in his eyes that would get the better of him (and his companions).  There have been probably a few dwarves that have fallen victim to many of Kili’s pranks.

An excerpt: What is it that makes a great mischief maker? Being clever is good. After all, it’s hard to be a smart aleck if you’re not actually smart to begin with. (Stupid alecks are a lot less impressive.) And of course, you need to be willing to make trouble on a small, amusing, and non-destructive scale.



game of thrones series


By George R.R. Martin

Kili has read every single one of these and reads them every year.  They have fueled his passion for adventure and acts of heroism and courage.  In the moments when he is alone, he thinks about his own journey with his fellow dwarves and imagines Jon Snow or Arya on the journey with him.  How do I know all of this, you ask?  I don’t, I made it up.  Yay imagination!

An excerpt:  “…Yet our way is the older way.  The blood of the First Men still flows in the veins of the Starks, and we hold to the belief that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.  If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words.  And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.”

Smaug comes ripping out of the pages of The Hobbit

Combine art, with books with one of the best stories ever and you get this awesome piece of art.



This amazing creation is by Far Too Many Ideas over at DeviantArt.  There are more pictures to be seen there.

Sigh, the little girl in me just squeeled.

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