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Ok, so my writing could use a little work

According to this infographic on common blog writing mistakes – I’ve got quite a bit to learn eh?  With those run on sentences and, using, commas in the most inappropriate places and such.  However, in regards to my writing, I am of the opinion that, why, yes, it could be better.

You still like me though right?

Some good points and advice!




Hey all you writers – I wanna know something

Hey, hey writers!  I just came across a cool new writing network and I was curious to know if anyone else is using this and what your thoughts are on it.

Medium is a publishing platform online that “sets out to build the best publishing platform for on the web — or anywhere — for words and pictures, that starts with the writing experience itself.”

So, who can give me the goods on its use, function, look and community?  I am eyeing it, thinking of joining it.

Medium writing and stories

Infographic Saturday (Or, some infographics on books ’cause I got nothing else to post today)

Happy Saturday!  It’s time to share some visual goodness.

Conflict in Literature by Grant Snider


Amazing Facts on Writing and How it Affects Our Brain (via


The Aroma of Books (via Daily Mail)

the aroma of books info graphic

When you write about Luck Dragons

You apparently get lucky when you write about Luck Dragons.  I discovered this just now as I looked in my email and saw the subject ‘Congrats, You’ve been freshly pressed!’.  My post How I opened a wormhole simply by reading snagged me the opportunity.

I gotta say that I took the Daily Post WordPress challenge to heart.  It wasn’t just a challenge to write something different, it was simply a challenge to write.  What I got from it was ‘hey there writer, go and have fun’.  So I did.  Not just to get Freshly Pressed but because I knew for a certainty that if I engaged with the written word from a playful, enthusiastic and joyful attitude, that the energy I put into it would emanate from it.

Basically, it’s the whole quantum-physics-thoughts-are-energy-manifestation action that I see working all around me on a daily basis.

I unleashed the 5 year old within to write this post and got so dang giddy imagining flying on Falkor’s back that the luck just rubbed right off.

Told you The Neverending Story was a powerful book.

Thanks for the challenge WordPress, I look forward to the next one.

I grew up on the Word

Me and my two younger siblings grew up on the written word thanks to my mother.  It was probably the best gift she ever instilled in us; the love for reading.  She would read to us when we were younger and as we got older and could hold the books in our own hands and form the words through our own moving lips she continued to support our love of reading by buying us books.

There were times, as a single mother, that she couldn’t afford to get us the most popular brand named clothes or the latest designer shoes.  Maybe she didn’t buy us the coolest in school gear and sure, there were years where we had to use the same geometry set over and over again, passing them down to each other.  But she always bought us books.

I can’t remember what the first book I read on my own was but I do remember the awesome cool school group me and my other friends formed when I was in elementary school.  Our lunch hour book club.  Yup.  Those were the days when me and my two best friends would head out to a quiet area at recess and discuss the crazy antics of the girls in the Babysitter’s Club or roll our eyes in frustration at Jessica as she yet again screwed Elizabeth over at Sweet Valley Junior High.  We were called the Get Along Gang by others but that didn’t bother us because we loved to read and I was so happy to find friends who loved the written word as much as I did.

In grade 6 I jumped at the chance to write a children’s book for the kindergarten class.  Those who volunteered got paired with a kindergarten kid and we wrote the book for them.  Mine was about a crazy lady who had 20 puppies popping up here and there that all she could do to keep her sanity was count them.  I remember drawing 20 puppies with increasing exhaustion wondering if it was going to ever end.  But the joy I had the day that I handed it over to my kindergarten buddy was overflowing.  We sat down and read it, counting those damned puppies together that didn’t actually look like puppies but round bubbles with noses and ears on them.

I look back on my childhood and am grateful that reading and writing were always encouraged in my family.  Even the teachers I had all the way up to high school recognized my love for words and would support, encourage and engage my creativity when it came to writing.  I attribute how open my mind is today with how much I read growing up.  Books pry the mind open, nourish it, cultivate it so that as adults we are not closed to the world around us but eager to see what else can be presented to us.

As I have gotten older and change occurs within me and my life, the one constant has always been books.  My love for reading has never wavered and that is why to this day when people ask me my interests, I still always say reading.  It is consistent.  One of the few things in my life, within me, that is consistent and I draw great strength from that.

I hope that when I become a mother I too can pass on the magic of a story to my children just like my mother did for me.  I hope to always be able to provide them with a book, whenever they ask and encourage their love of reading all through their childhood and even into adulthood.

Except for romance novels.

Where the wild stories are

I have until the age of 50 to become a published author.  That is the deal that me and my husband made years and years ago.  I have 15 years to accomplish that.  (OMG, THAT IS TOO SOON!)

I love reading and writing and I find that most people who love to read love to write.  Why is that?  What is it about the written word that just captivates a person?  Why does reading hold our attention so?  Why is writing a balm for the soul?  Who the hell did I lend The Child Thief too?

I do love to write and as for being published, well, a couple of poems were published in my youth so I guess I’ve completed the deal with my husband.  However I do have a few stories to tell and while they roll excitedly in my mind, developing, growing and getting more colourful as each day passes, they also curse me for keeping them trapped in my imagination.  You see, I have yet to get them on paper.  The thing is…I can be lazy.  Motivation isn’t one of my strengths.  I get motivated when people yell at me and short of hiring someone to follow me around shouting in my ear all day long, I won’t be able to free those stories until I learn motivation on my own.

Hence this blog.  I can’t express enough the feeling of accomplishment I get when I hit the publish button on this site.  I finished something.  I finished putting in words a concept/idea/thought that was in my head.  It is free now to go do what it wants.  It can join the multitude of other blog posts dancing around in cyberspace or it can sit still on this site, waiting to be read by others.

In all seriousness though, I have managed to finish two stories in my life.  One was a kids book counting puppies that I made when I was in grade 5 and the other was a short story that I finished in my early twenties.  That story sits in its book still to this day, only have been read by a handfull of people.  I walk by it sometimes and wonder if it is ready for some editing and revising.  It needs a little coaxing though, as it is a shy, little story, written by a young woman who has dreams of creating worlds for others that so many kind authors have done for her.  But mostly, she just wants to free the stories in her head.

This blog business is to get accustomed to writing everyday (typing counts as writing!) and to be comfortable with the idea of people reading my inner thoughts.  And I tell you, the fact that I even mentioned the stories in my head in the first place has those stories dancing wildly through my brain right now, much like the beasts in Where the Wild Things Are.  They can feel it, taste it.  The freedom.  It is one step closer.

There is a story inside all of us

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